Benz Ruby 2 vs Ruby 3

I am about to buy a Ruby 2 M and was wondering if anyone has A/B the 2 and 3. The Gon member I am buying from said that the 2 is better sounding than the 3. Any thoughts?.
Voyd TT
Soon to be Heilus tonearm
All Audio Note system

Other carts in consideration
Zyx 3
Why not get the Audio Note IO-1 cartridge? It's an excellent cart. I am using the IO-2v and have not looked back. Since you're using an allAudio Note system, why not try their cartridges? They are really good sounding. The only thing is that you will need a step up transformer.
I have ownd both. I traded in a 2 for a 3. The 3 is much better.
don't buy a ruby 2. a denon 103r is a better cartridge that that by far.
another vote for ruby 3
Ofcourse he'll say the 2 is better. If his selling the 3, what would you think he'll say? I presently own a Ruby 3 LOMC--It's a killer cart. At 3K, it better be.
Dear Glory: The Genesis advice about the Audio Note cartridges is a very good one. These cartridges are top performers and better than the people think.

Btw, the Audio Note tonearms are great too.

Now, about your question: the Ruby 2 and Ruby 3 are very good cartridges, which is better?: that depends on your music sound priorities ( what are you looking for? ) and kind of music you like. I think that if you share with us that info several of the Ruby2/3 owners could give you a precise advise.

Regards and enjoy the music.

Regards and enjoy the music.

I listen to mostly Jazz & Classical.
No Rock, Rap or Pop.
My goal is the Helius Omega or AN arm as the Voyd, I am told, works well with this TT.
Any other arms I should be looking at besides the Helius & AN arms?. I had a chance to get the AN S-1 Vx arm but fell asleep.
Would the ZYX airy 3 work with this set up.?. I am new to analog.

Dear Gary: Your analog set-up ( Helius&AN tonearms ) can handle almost every cartridge.

I like the Ruby2 and I like it with Classical and Jazz music but with your electronics the Ruby3 will be a little better.

Now, I insist in that the Genesis168 is a very good alternative. Btw, I know very well your AN speakers ( I asume you already up-graded. ), when somebody look at them it can't imagine that something so simple at the " look " can give so great quality sound reproduction, congratulations!!!

About the tonearm, the AN ones are very good, I never had the opportunity to mount one of them in my audio system but I heard it on other system and I like the design and build quality. If you can go for it.

Regards and enjoy the music.
Hello, I,am a little bit surprised that you like Audio Note cartridges and and tonearms, since you mentioned me your dislike for the Ongaku AN amp and also AN Dacs. Aren,t
audio note cart,s and tonearms OEM from some other sources, specially the tonearms to me look like rega,s.
Best wishes, Carlos
Dear Carlos: The AN IO cartridges, including the Kondo ones, were build by AN, I don't know if today those cartridges are build from other source like the Lyras and some other cartridges.

I don't know too which AN tonearm are you talking about but the AN tonearms does not " looks " like the Rega one.

Cartridges and tonearms are very diferent audio devices than amps and Dacs.

Regards and enjoy the music.
Dear Raul:
I think we were both half right as i,ve just checked AN website and yes two out of three models are made by Rega:
"The Tone-Arms
The Audio Note Arm I and Arm II are the result of a collaboration between Audio Note and Rega Research.
Arm I is a respecified Rega Research RB250 arm that is wired internally with Audio Note copper wire and the leadout wire is the highly respected AN~A copper Litz construction. This marriage of technologies between Audio Note and Rega Research has created a budget tone arm without peers at its price.
The Audio Note Arm II is also a culmination of ideas between Audio Note and Rega Research. In this tone arm we have reworked the acclaimed Rega RB300 by internally wiring the arm with AN~AI, a pure silver conductor of the highest quality. The lead out wire is AN~V which is a 99.99% pure silver 15 strand Litz construction interconnect cable. Once again our objective has been to create the finest value for money."
As far as the their reference arm as you say is probably AN own manufacture and yes it looks very diffrent from the Regas:"The AN-1s
An elegant beast hand made in very low volume."
I agree with you that "Cartridges and tonearms are very diferent audio devices than amps and Dacs." , it just seems to me that AN is sort of a "cult" concept or audio philosophy, and most of the time is either love it or hate it. Best wishes, Carlos
Dear Gary: When I refer to the AN tonearm I'm speaking of the AN-1s model.

Regards and enjoy the music.
I am not really sure, but I think, the Ruby 3 has a shorter Cantilever ( or needle?). Anyway, the Benz Systems are good to listen to. I prefer them more than others, but they all have one in common: I always 'rated' my records with them ( ... good sounding, nice voice, audiophile grade etc. ).
I changed to different systems.
But listening to Voices, it's a class of it's own, no doubt.
Any thoughts about the Cardas Heart, newer or older, which is/was essentially a Ruby with a few holes drilled in the body?
Dear Piedpiper: For what my friend ( a Cardas dealer ) told me the Cardas Heart is right the same Ruby ( with the holes in the body )and right the same Ruby performance.

Regards and enjoy the music.