Benz Reference 2

Anyone knows the difference between Benz Reference 2 and Benz Reference 2 "Silver" ? Which one gives a better sound?

I have the Ref 2 Silver, and think it's great. I believe they changed it to Ref 2 "copper" a year or two after I bought the silver.. I do not know the difference in sound. If I could do it over I'd have gone straight to the Ruby or I'm told the Cardas Heart which is a Ruby with a different wood body. Although the Cardas Heart is supposed to be better, you cannot get a trade-in to purchase like you can with the Benz line. Sorry I cannot be of more help with the Ref. models.
I have a Ref 2 Silver listed here quite reasonable. It is a very nice sounding cart, but I am in need of a higher output.
Thanks guys for your feedback.
I suspect the Ref2 is an older version came before Ref2 Silver. I plan to purchase the REF2, used one, but could not find enough information on the Net. Perhaps will skip it.


picture of Benz ref 2