Benz miro mc3

What is the tracking force for it please? I just bought an NOS, and the seller said it should be 1.31g. I am confused.
From the information I've found it should be 1.75-2.00 grams.
Thank you Mofimadness,
Is there any harm if i set it lower or higher than the recommended force? Sorry, i am new to vinyl.
If it's set too low, it won't track correctly and you won't get all the subtle info out of the bottom/sides of the groove. Too high, (which would need to be over 4 or 5 grams) and you'll get excessive wear on both the cartridge and vinyl.

I have always recommended a tracking force at the upper end of the manufacturer's recommendation range.

I would track the MC3 around 1.9 to 2.0 grams, if it were mine.