Benz Micro Wood SL - Repair or Replacement?

My system is as follows:

VPI Classic 1
Sony SCD-777ES SACD Player
Whest PS.30R Phono Stage
Musical Fidelity A5CR Pre Amp
2xMusical Fidelity A3CR Power Amps bi-wired (All amps upgraded by John Sampson)
ProAc D15 Speakers

Unfortunately my 2 year old Benz Micro Wood SL cartridge has been damaged (chosen with lots of great help from this forum), the tip has been broken and the cantilever isn't completely straight.
See pic.

So, do I buy a new cartridge or have this one replaced?
I know that Soundsmith have a good reputation and there are maybe other options closer to home (Switzerland) but is it worth spending USD 400 or so rather than double that sum (for the same cart new) or a bit more as an opportunity to upgrade.

If I were to buy a new, different cart the following seem worthy of consideration :
Soundsmith Zephyr
Dynavector XX2
Ortofon Cadenza Bronze
Benz Micro Gullwing
Lyra Dorian
Lyra Delos

Thanks in advance for your help.
Ecosse...I broke the cantilever off of my Benz Micro Glider SL and I have been quoted about a year to have the retip done by Benz in Switzerland, so if you want to do a retip and want it more quickly, Soundsmith will be your best bet. The only issue though is that the sonic character is likely to change with the Soundsmith retip (different stylus and cantilever from that of Benz). The other option is to have the retip done by Benz and hope it gets done sooner than a year and in the meantime buy a new cart. You can have the Micro Wood SL as a back-up when it comes back to you from Switzerland or sell it at that point. The Benz retip will help it retain more of its value on resale especially if you sell it without putting any hours on it.

In terms of the other carts in your list, they are all very good contenders. The only thing I would say is that I would personally skip over the Dorian and go straight to the Delos. As for the Gullwing or any Benz cart at the moment, you will have a hard time finding inventory in the US right now. If you call your dealer or any of the online retailers who carry Benz, you will be informed that there is no visibility on when Benz carts will be coming in. There seems to be an issue with Benz right now which also explains the long turnaround time on retips. Hope this helps.
Buy a new cart you will like. Then also have the Benz retipped by Benz for in the future.
Thus you will have a cart for now and future, and will be able to eventually have a like new Benz as a spare or the exchange..
Axel Schurholz is your nearest address: . Ask for boron cantilever with line contact stylus.
I've owned the
and have the Gullwing on an SME V arm right now.
All nice. Id buy a new cartridge and wait and see what plays out with Benz, then retip your cartridge.
I may trade in the broken one for a new one. Some manufacturers have good trade-in program that offers high trade-in value. Just weigh between trade-in value and retip cost. But if you really like to have a backup in the future. then retip is the way to go. I would upgrade if I were you.

I would retip if the cartridge is ultra expensive (like several thousand dollars) as retip is way cheaper than buying new.
The dyna xx2 is a great match to the Classic. If your tastes run to rock, blues, jazz it is outstanding. I think your whest phono stage will have plenty gain-- I run about 76 total.
I sent it to Benz Micro, the stylus, cantilever and coil are all damaged.
They will keep the body and back plate and ftr a new generator, cantilever and micro-ridge diamond ( I had the older Fritz Geiger one) for $750 and will "only" take 3 weeks or so so that seems like the best option.
Ecosse, This is a very interesting proposition considering the (sharply) increased retip prices. Not to mention the damaged coils which are difficult to repair. Will you be so kind to elaborate on 'I sent it' to Benz? Which one ?
If you can send to the UK, I would use Expert Stylus. Thay have retipped 3 cartridges for me, 2 Koetsus and I have been very happy with them each time. They charge £25 to look at the cartridge and see if it can be repaired and up to £250 for the repair, including cantilever replacement, if necessary. Of course, it won't be the same, but my aural memory is'nt long or strong enough, to comment on the difference.

If you wish, I will send you a link. They don't advertise and don't have a web site. They say they have more than enough work to do without advertising for more.

As a replacement, I am very happy indeed with my Benz Ebony LP.
Nandric, I sent it to Benz Micro here in Switzerland and the price isn't just for a retip, it's a rebuild with new generator, coils etc.

They also can do an exchange for a Ruby 3 for $2000 are in Switzerland? I wish I could send in mine and get it back in 3 weeks. I am being quoted a 1 year turnaround time here in the US.
after 10 very satisfying years with the Benz high output H2 wood body MC cartridge, I decided to buy the Ortofon Cadenza Bronze - just time for something different and an opportunity to use the MC setting on my Cary PH-302 phono pre; after a couple evenings auditioning the Ortofon I certainly don't regret having plopped down some fairly serious dollars for the new cartridge; improvements in all areas that I found desirable in the Benz: bigger soundstage, tighter and deeper bass, more detail, more dynamic, in fact very dynamic, quieter, and equally if not more musical - this is a remarkable, impressive performer which has me planning a well thought-out increase in my vinyl inventory; I didn't expect such a big uptick in performance which will undoubtedly push the CD player even further back on the rack -- the Cadenza bronze is a really fine phono cartridge