Benz Micro vs. Koetsu

Anyone out there have experience with both of these cartridge lines? I currently have a Benz LO.4 but am torn as whether to aspire to a Ruby 2 or perhaps a Koetsu Red Signature. How do these two compare and contrast on tonal quality, dynamics, etc?
I too have the LO4. I've not heard them side by side, but I don't see the Red Signature beating the Ruby 2, unless you value midrange liquidity VERY MUCH over dynamics and detail retrieval. The Urushi would probably be superior in most ways to the Ruby 2, though (by about what the cost difference is). ALBERT PORTER OR GERRY M5 have much experience with these on their own tables, so I defer to them...I just can't believe how outrageously below the list price dealers are selling the Ruby 2. I think it has to do with Benz having a much higher volume of units sold, than does Koetsu. AND THE TRADE IN DEALS ARE JUST KILLER IF YOU HAVE A BENZ CARTRIDGE, AND WANT TO TRADE FOR A RUBY 2...
Yes Carl, once you buy Benz it's very tempting to upgrade within the line due to the incentives. Another thought I'd like feedback on as a relative newcomer to coils is the real value of degaussing. Is a unit such as the Benz-Aesthtetix worth the investment? Hey, this hobby is getting expensive! :-)
If you think that's expensive, just wait til vinyl actually does start to die (when babyboomers get really old, in 10 or 15 years)...I have the Aesthetix. It works very well, and I highly recommend it. You only need to use it about every 10 or more hours of play. It's the least costly part of my analog rig...
Nice choices! I have a Cardas 2, which is a Benz Ruby 2 built to Cardas's specs, a spare arm wand today. .I ran a Cardas, and then a model 2 for two years in my system. It is musical, well balanced across the frequencies with leanness, and no excessive tip ups in the highs. Some information is obscured as when it is compared to higher price cartridges. I run something else now, but not relevant to the question being asked. I loved the sound of this cartridge. On a one to ten scale, I rate a Benz/Cardas 2 a 7.5. At a higher price point, I like the Koetsu Urusui better in every way and may be one of the better values in the high price categories. Extremely musically involving without sacrificing much of anything to its betters. I rate it as 8.5, and a cartridge that improve most all good high-end systems. May be best buy in Koetsu line, but I know that a lot of people like the Koetsu Signature Platinum even more. You’re certainly considering two good choices here, and can’t go wrong. It just a question of dollars well spent vs more dollars for that little bit more. Good listening in either case is in store for you. Cheers, Gerrym5
The Benz Ruby 2, considering the liberal trade in program, is a good choice. I agree basically with every comment posted above, and I doubt that the Koetsu Red is any better than the Ruby, although I have not personally made the comparison. I HAVE tried the Benz Reference, Benz Ruby, Benz Ruby 2, Transfiguration, and the Koetsu Rosewood and Onyx Signature Platinum's. The two top Koetsu's are much better than anything in the current Benz line. However, the Koetsu costs more than double at retail, and considering that I don't know what kind of turntable and arm you are using, your money could possibly be better spent on the Benz, and apply the saved cash to an alternate upgrade for better overall performance.