Benz Micro Ruby 2 Impedance Adjustment

Somebody can related me its experiences with the adjustement of the impedance for the Benz Micro Ruby 2 cartridge???... Recommended it's 500-47k.... You have any preference in this range??? Why?
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Everyone that I have discussed this with seems to prefer about 22k ohm loading on that cartridge. This is also the load that is factory set in the Benz-Lukaschek phono stage that is made for that cartridge.

I'd suggest trying that load first, and maybe making some minor adjustments from there, if needed.
My preamp has plug-in resistor slots to change the load. The Benz US distributor recommended 900 to me. I bought some cheap resistors, tried the full range, and settled on 1000 (if I remember correctly). When I found one I liked, I bought a good Vishay resistor in that value. It might be my preamp or taste, but I preferred the 1000 range to 22k. Try different options and see which you prefer. There is a huge range of sounds between 500 and 47k.
For what its worth I went with the Groove phonostage which is factory preset and after discussion with the Groove people their experience for this set up was much lower, around 100 as I believe. I will look it up again and get back to you but the sound is fabulous. If you can easily switch things test it out yourself. I would avoid the very high loading 47 k.
Well,,the rule of thumb is 10-20 times the internal impedance. Not sure about the Ruby II, but for my Benz LP the internal impedance is 38, so the range would ideally be 380 to 760. I starded out with 47 k on my Pass Xonon, and that was way too bright. Currently trying 1000, which is a lot better but perhpas still too high. The cartdige and tonearm cable are still breing in, so I will wait a bit before I try to go lower...There was a recent review in a UK magazine by Scott Markwell (sp) who alos writes for TAS. He personally liked the LP at 47 k, and I know that AJ Conti prefer this setting with the LP as well (private email). In the end its up to you - in general , a higher setting will emphasize the top end if you go to low the bass will get slushy. You may want to post the question on Audioasylum and/or search their archives...
I ran the Ruby with 47 K.

Excellent results, but it is probably depending on System.
I tried ranges all over the map. Ruby2 will sound slow with loading. Load between 15k-47k is my input.
If you are able to easily enough adjust the loading on your phonostage, I would be all means do some experimentation of your own over the entire range provided. There are several threads in the Audiogon archive dealing with this question if you search.