Benz Micro Gullwing loading

I have just purchased an Einstein Turntable's Choice single-ended phono section. I replaced an Audio Research PH3SE because it had a fixed 54 db of gain and is not enough for my new Gullwing SLR at. 35 mv. The Einstein has a fixed 68 db which, along with the 12 db gain of my Audio Research Ref 3 should be enough.

My question, though, relates to the loading of the cartridge. From what I have seen, 400 is the recommended loading for this cartridge. The Einstein has several different single-ended inputs available, but the highest is 300. Will that suffice or does one need to build his own input that will allow 400?

Thanks in advance for your input.
Go to the source. Very helpful people in Oakland California.
I am currently breaking in an SLR Gullwing on a Graham Phantom Supreme and a Pass XP-25 phono stage. The recommended loading according to the specs is 400 - 47K ohms. I am currently running mine at 1000 ohms and that seems to be a good load. Cart is not too bright nor too damped.