Benz Micro and background noise

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I´ve got two carts: Benz Micro Ref 3 and Benz Micro LP (non LP-S) and the answer is following:

More expensive cart means more background noise? My Ref 3 sounds very, very well, but LP is better, more detailed, warm,...I love this cart. You can stand hours&hours and it doesn´t produce fatigue in your ears.

But...always exits "BUT": when I put the LP cart in my SME arm I can heard more background noise in some vinyls wich it´s impossible to heard with Ref 3. All vinyls are in very good condition: cleaned with a machine and most of them are news or japanese pressing.

Other Benz LP users says that LP is a one of the most noiseless cart that they ever heard. What´s the problem then? Probably suspension is bad and cart cannot track well? I see dust in coils:( Body of Benz´s hasn´t cover like other carts.

Somebody who has experience like me?

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Have you tried adjusting the VTA and VTF? The two cartridges, though the same brand, may not necessarily have the exact same set up.
Hi Tonywinsc. Yes, I think VTF is correctly between 2 and 2.2 gr with Clearaudio Stylus gauge (is impossible to use an electronic gauge, generator touch the gauge), VTA is adjusted with SME and HiFi Test protractor.

Background noise is greater with some vinyls. Other plays nice.

Anti-skating is about the same VTF: 2.

What´s happen?

Try tweaking (fine adjustments) VTA up and down just a bit and see if the background noise improves or worsens. The VTA positions the stylus in the groove. By changing VTA the stylus moves up or down in the groove. It will affect the sound if you make big adjustments but it will also affect the background noise. I have a SME arm too, so I know very well that fine adjustment of VTA requires patience and time. Always be sure to go back and adjust HTA (the tangent point) after adjusting VTA. HTA changes even with very small changes in VTA.
Thanks again, Tony. I´ll try to do this tonight or tomorrow. I´ve been seeing your system and it´s fantastic! I´ve got your combo of tonearm and cart: SME 309 and Benz Reference 3. I would like to buy a Series V later, users says adjustements on series V is easier than 309 and it´s a killer arm!

Thanks for all! I´ll tell my results!

Kind regards.
...actually in MY system which I am most acquainted, I found that the better the cartridge, the LESS noise. I've had a Benz LP (now I have an LPS) and it was dead quiet except for the occasional tick or pop that was a fault in my old records. I would send the LP to Benz for them to check out.
Thank you for the kind compliments. Work can be very stressful at times and when I take pause for a moment I realize how fortunate I am to have ended up with such a nice home next to the Smokey Mountains and a nice sounding stereo in addition to a patient wife and two great boys.
btw: I also set my VTF at the upper limit. I don't remember the exact number now, but I rememeber it is the upper limit given in the cartridge spec.