Benz Micro Ace with Rega RB700

Has anyone tried this cartridge / arm combination? What vta did you use? Is a 2mm shim about right? Thanks!

It depends on the height difference between the arm mounting surface and the platter (or mat) top surface. Every table is different.
I should have been more specific. The RB700 is mounted to a Rega P5. The arm uses the 3 point mount. Thanks for any advice!
Yes, the 2mm is right for regular LP's on a P5, assuming you are using the OEM felt mat. You may need 4mm if you are using a thicker mat or listen exclusivey to the 180-200 gm LP's which are slightly thicker. My P5 and Benz ace came from Music Direct with 4mm shims (two, 2mm stacked). I removed one to get 2mm. With the rear of the tonearm slightly raised (4mm), I found the sound a little bright and harsh. The 2mm shim brings the base down a bit and makes the tonearm parallel to a standard record using the standard mat. Give the cartridge a good 20-30 hours of break in. You will like the combination, very musical and involving, really a synergistic combo I think. enjoy!
Thanks for the advice!