Benz Micro Ace upgrade to H2, any opinions?

I currently have a Benz Ace high output on a VPI Scoutmaster and am considering upgrading to the Benz H2. The H2 is two levels above the Ace with the glider in between. The upgrade price is $800 with a return of the Ace.

I'm wondering if anyone has experience with both, or just the H2 and could give me some thoughts on the differences between the two or just the qualities of the H2. I listen to jazz, rock, acoustic based music and reggae.


I did the same as you and I do have a Scoutmaster. The upgrade is worth it. I had an Ace medium output and got a Benz H2.
Have also been thinking about trying a Benz and so far it seems like info / shared insights / reviews are few and far between. Have read or been told the following, which may or may not be true; Their is a nice jump in quality when you step up to the first level wood body cart(L2/H2/M2). As you go beyond this level some folks have not been happy with the results of upgrades due to trade offs in warmth vs detail & and as usual, gains in the higher levels are more incremental and may or may not represent acceptable value to a particular individual. Higher output voltage carts are reported to sound as good as the lower output carts.
Again, don't know if any of the above is true, food for thought.
Acadie - how would you describe the difference between the two? Thanks.
This will be a large improvement in terms of dimensionality, warmth and extension. If you have the preamp stage to use it, the L2 is a much better sounding cartridge than the H2 in terms of detail and focus. Much better.