Benz Micro Ace SH - retip worth it?

Hi. My Benz has about 1100 hours on it and I recently replaced it with a new Hana SL - a lateral move. However, is it worth it to retip the Benz at Soundsmith or another retipper? The cantilever is also slightly out of alignment. It was a great cartridge. Thoughts?
Yes. If you want to have it refurbished send it back to Benz. They will replace the entire motor and get it back to new. Musical Surroundings is the US distributor. Call them if you want to know what is involved. Otherwise just toss it. Having it "retipped" is a waste of money. I usually tell people when it is time for a new cartridge spend the money on the best cartridge you can afford and do not wast the money on refurbishing the old one. Of course if you are a cartridge collector and it is a Goldfinger or Koetsu and has special qualities you can not get else where then send it back. Cartridges tend to be like skis, you might have a bunch of them but you always wind up using the ones you like best.
I agree re: skis. I still ski my Rossignols even though I have Salomons and Arcs. 

Hadn't. Thought of sending it back to Benz, but that would be a good idea. Thank you!
I recently purchased two new Benz cartridges on Audiogon, more are available.
I got an ace when I purchased a used turntable. I had it retipped  and couldn’t be happier. The cost differential for me made sense 
So it turns out that Benz doesn't retip anymore because of a 2 1/2 year turnaround time. So I'll probably send it off to soundsmith. It's a really good cartridge and I like it sound.
That would certainly prevent me from buying a top of the line Benz not that I am a big Benz fan. I actually have never listened to one that I know of. But imaging spending 16K on a Clearaudio or a Koetsu and not being able to get the cartridge rehabbed. That would certainly kill it for me and the value of the cartridge on the used market.