Benz Micro ACE S Medium and Dynavector P75

Hi guys

I'm in the course of buying a second hand Amazon 2 turntable with a Benz ACE S medium output cartridge.
I've been studying my P75 manual to decide which is the best setting for it. The Ace has 0.8 mV and that would put me in the 'special 1mV MC setting of the P75 (mk3) I think which has 50dB and 47k loading.
Would it be possible (better?) to try the low mc settings with gains to choose from of 60 and 63 dB and loading settings of 30-60-100-220-470? Benz advises for the M to use a load of > 200 up to 470.
If I use the KABUSA gain calculator it proposes 52dB as the optimal gain which would point to the medium setting on the P75 but without the option to choose 220 as load.
Should I even consider to try the Dr Tominari phono enhancement setting on the P75. With 24 Ohm impedance I could set it to 'High Resistance' according to the manual.

Any advice is much appreciated.


Dirk Lenart