Benz MC Gold vs Sumiko Blue Point special

I have recently purchased a Clearaudio Emotion T/T with the Satisfy arm. I've been out of this hobby for several years. Used to have A Cosmos SME V combo. Just getting back into it. I'd like to know if you folks any thoughts on the on the Benz MC Gold vs Sumiko Blue point special.
Thanks for your thoughts in advance.
Although I liked my Sumiko Black Pearl, I absolutely love the BenZ Micro Gold! Way way more detail and the sound stage opens up nicely. I notice a lot of timber with the Benz too! I do not even think mine is broken in as it only has about 12 Hrs on it. But I love it! And yes I realize you are comparing it to the blue point, but thats something I have never owned. So just giving my actual experience. Cheers and good luck.
I need something with high output as it will be going into a Denon 2801 AVR receiver. I picked those two because there price is relatively close. Speakers are B&W CDM9's
I appreciate the input. Thank you very much.
Update. I meant the Benz MC Silver not the Gold. And any other thoughts of cartrdges I'm not aware of in these price range.
Cartridge matching your arm and table is the key. It is not as simple as picking "the best cartridge." My dealer fit a Benz Glider (thats 2 cartridges higher in Benz'line than the MC) to my LP12/Akito combo and it was horrible. Flat, dull, and lifeless. We put on a Blue Point Special and it was much better. It was dynamic, transparent, and expressive. I am not saying that the Blue Point Special is a better cartridge than a Benz Glider, just that in my setup it was better. I heard the very same Benz Glider perform wonderfully with a Michel Gyrodec and SME 3009 tonearm. However, I can say the Blue Point Special is definitely not junk!
Jim, I was kind of surprised by the response regarding the Blue Point myself. As I use to sell them. But to each his own and it could be the cartridge arm combo as you mentioned. That was the problem.
I only have access to one dealer here that sells analog and he can get the Sumiko and the Grado. The others I would have to purchase online. But I've read very good things about the Benz. This match is kind of going to be a shot in the dark for me. Anyone out there with this table have any thoughts,.
Any other cartridges that I should look at?
Thanks for the input.
Well, Just to go to show you how much I have listened to anything on this system. Checked when I got home and it's a Denon 3802 avr receiver. When I got out of this hobby I wanted something that she could enjoy. It is after all, all about her. At least at the time. Now I have it back. LOL.
I may upgrade the power unit in the future. One step at a time.

Again any direction in cartridge choice would be appreciated.