Benz Lp-s Frequency Resonance Problems

Hi to all,

As i mentioned on another thread, i have some problems with my Lp-s on my Graham Phantom arm, i have problems with little warps. I have measssured with the Hifi News Lp and lateral i have between 8hz-5hz and vertical i don't know well as i can't see cartridge wobble or hear any distortion. But for my problem the important is the lateral test.
Benz recommends medium to high mass arms but that's impossible!
To get 10hz frequency resonance you need a 0 gram mass arm!

I don't know if to try a Reed arm, the lightest one is 10gr effective mass and i should have 8hz Resonance frequency.

Any idea?

Many thanks
Agucela, I have already been down carty/tonearm heartbreak lane. Pull my threads to see my history. My troubles involved matching my VPI Classic unipivot with a cartridge that also resonated in the low frequency range. Ultimately, I worked with the factory and resolved the problem. My suggestion is that you call Graham and possibly Benz and ask for their advice. I'm sure you'll figure something out. Good luck!
My LPS is tracking flawlessly in my VPI. I had to get a weight to properly balance it, however, it is beautiful now. I would call Graham and ask them
I spoke with both,

Graham says that the arm is able to balance it out, and the arm does, but this is not the problem. The problem are the warps because of the effective mass. It is too much mass for this compilance.

And Benz says that i have to try and when it don't work with a arm, then try with another arm. They say that for example, they tried with SME IV and V and measured with the HN Lp lateral frequency resonance was between 9hz-9,5hz.

Mine is at 6,5-7hz, that is too low and i hear it with little warps.

Did you measured with the HN Lp ?
What is the effective mass of your arm?
Hmmm...I'm using the Benz LPS with a Graham Phantom Supreme (10" arm) with no issues at all. I use a Benz LP (not -S, but with micro ridge stylus) on another turntable with a Graham Phantom Supreme (9" arm) also with no problems. Both track warps flawlessly without causing resonance problems.
From the facts presented it seems probable that this particular LP-S got out of the factory with an out-of-spec suspension (or it's old and worn out). It's behaving like a cartridge with a more compliant suspension than a typical LP-S.

Suggestion: try it on a different tonearm and see if it exhibits unusually low resonance frequencies there too. If so, the cartridge suspension is suspect.

P. S. Also, try reducing VTF. Excessive VTF could contribute to such behavior. And don't quote me what your scale or the manufacturer's guidelines say, just try it. :)
Doug...good suggestions. I think also that the cartridge should be sent back to Benz for them to check. Too many people have great success with this cartridge on too many arms for this to happen only to the poster.
You might want to send the cartridge back. i run an lp-s on a phantom 2 and it is a wonderful combination.
I send it back 2 weeks ago, everything is OK!
I have send the LP-S to a friend who has several arms to try.
And i also tried with less VTF, but nothing. I only happens with 2-3 Lps but it should not .
The weight of the LPS and its compliance suggest that the resonant frequency will be on the low side with the Phantom.
What turntable are you using?
Sometimes its how the turntable deals with low frequencies - ie perhaps there is a resonance being excited in the turntable/suspension?
It might be helpful to know what tables the other Phantom/LPS owners are using.
My LPS is absolutely wonderful on a VPI Superscoutmaster Rim Drive with a 10.5i tonearm.
Mine does not have any problems on a Transrotor Fat Bob S and the latest version of the Graham Phantom Supreme. I was going to use it with my SME 309, but it would have required a $500.00 weight and I decided to put that towards the Graham instead. I'm wondering how bad the warped are. Can they be played on your dealer's or any of your friends turntables?