Benz HO MC wood cartridge what type phono pre?

This may be more of a observation than a question, I was told by a friend that a HO MC cartridge is made to be used with a MM phonostage but I find with my tube juicy music tercel without cream option, to be lacking in weight of the bass and drums. But also with a opera consonance p6 solid-state phono in the Mm side still lacks a little. Not as much as the juicy but some. However when I switch to the MC side it has what I am wanting so I guess the MC is a better match with the HO MC cartridge. What has been your experiences? Thanks, Scott
If an MM phono stage has enough gain, an HO MC cart should work fine, but obviously you MM side doesn't have enough gain. I've been using a Benz HO Ace (2.5mv) cartridge for quite some time - using it with a Conrad Johnson EV-1, which has 49/50ish db gain. I load it at 9.6kohms, rather than the factory preset of 47kohms, which to me can sounds a little aggressive for the HO Ace.
Not sure what the output mV is on the cart you are refering to, but if it is more than 2mV then only a very low gain MC phono (<48db)should have the result you are explaining. What it also might be is that you are used to the extra drive and dynamics of MC's high gain. My personal experience was that over time we dial in through equipment changes more drive and dynamics than is natural. Then that supper dynamic sound becomes the norm, so a natural system sounds dull. Same applied to my transition from being a car audio "audiophile" to home audio, if there wasn't 1000w driving a pair of subs in a system then there wasn't enough bass for me. Took at least 3 years to recalibrate.
I believe it is 2.5 mv but my gain on the preamp is 60, what would the sonic difference be with lower gain? This was all done with the same song Pink Floyd breath. Thanks for response
Cleaner less distorted sound. If your talking about the gain on your phonostage having 60db gain, a low output MC cartridge with around .5mv would be a better match for your phonostage.