Benz Glider SL or SH ?

Which Benz Glider S would work best with my iphono preamp? 
How should loading be set?
I looked up your phono preamp and I'm not sure of the version you have, but the one I looked at showed MC gain at 60dB or 66dB.
I have a Benz Glider SL into a Fosgate Signature phono preamp that lists MC gain at 60dB, and it seems to have enough gain. I am very happy with the sound in most respects.As far as loading is concerned, I believe there is no magic number and you just have to spend some time listening and experimenting till you find what sounds best to you.
In my system I have found 300 ohm loading sounds best most of the time.Hope that helps, good luck!
There should be laws to prevent putting high quality things into Chinese junk. 
Thanks gakman for your attempt to answer my somewhat vague question. I have the opportunity to upgrade my turntable with what I consider a really good deal, packaged with a Benz SL. I have an iphono2
and realize I will need to upgrade my preamp but finances dictate one thing at a time. Just trying to do the best I can. Anyway, thanks.

Thanks Invictus (or whatever you call yourself) for your usual elitist, unhelpful comment. You contribute nothing.