Benz Glider Series 2 with Rega table help Viridian

I have a chance to purchase a Benz Glider Series 2 high output cartridge to use on my Rega P3. A bit of overkill, no doubt. Is anyone using this cartridge with a Rega table and, if so, how does it sound? Anyone who can contrast the sound of this cartridge with the Dyna 10X5 or Audio-Technica AT09ML Series 2 would also help me out.
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Marty I had a atco9 mc and a glider The glider was better
what kind of phono do you use? If you can use a low output mc why not try a Dennon 103 on you rega arm
Rocky, I knew that I could count on you! The Glider is actually a throw-in on another table that I am buying for the main rig. Do you prefer the Denon 103 to the Glider, and why?
Well Marty, I personally have not tried the Dennon but many like TWL and Arthur Salvatore feel the Dennon 103 is simply the best budget cartridge and rivals many high dollar pickups, only problem is you need a tonearm that has good lateral stability like your Rega. Unipivots are not a good match for it. Just to add a little about the Audio Technica AT09ML. I had 3 of these cartridges and always loved the sound.

below is a link to Arthur Salvatore's site if you have not been here it's a treat.

Good luck Marty your friend,
Ron, thanks so much. I ended up passing on the Benz, because alignment on the cantilever was off. So your suggestion comes at the perfect time. I even have a Denon AU-320 transformer that I used to use with my now retired 103D. So, I just posted a "wanted" ad on the 'gon for a 103 with low miles, from recent production. I hope that I get some bites. I really appreciate the guidance.
no problem Bro, Did You check out Arthur Salvatore's site