Benz Glider High Output good upgrade from Aurum Be

I want to uptgrade my good ol' Clearaudio Aurum Beta S cartridge. It's pushing 10 years.

I'm thinking of the Benz Glider high output. Would that be a good choice...or would anyone have other recommendations (e.g. Clearaudio Virtuoso Wood???) (I need high output though, that means no low output moving coil.)

Any suggestions are most welcome.
If buying new, the new Glider is pushing $1,000 list.
Of course there's usually some discounting, and also some trade value. Even a dead junker is worth a believe an additional $100.

If I'm not mistaken, Clearaudio as well had some trade program for its Cartridges? Perhaps others can better elaborate?

Tough to say if the Benz Glider is the right Cartridge for you? Since the original, I believe the Glider has been through at least two upgrades. The lastest now sports the Gyger Stylus, and supposed new improvements again with suspension. Output is what on the Glider, 2.2mv, or 2.5mv? (I think the former) Benz has a good trade up program, and a two year warrantee.

If you like the Clearaudio house sound, and at $1,000 list, maybe the top of the line MM Clearaudio Maestro might be the ticket?
I think output on the Maestro is listed at 3.6mv.

Cheapest option could be a re-tip from Soundsmith? I believe thier most expensive re-tip is $350, and sports a Ruby Cantilever. Turnaround times are said lately to be about 6-8 weeks. Mark
I forgot to mention that my arm and table are a Roksan Artemiz Mk.1 and Ariston Audio RD11 (similar to earlier Linn Sondeks).

But Markd51, do you think the newest Benz Glider high output would actually be superior to the Clearaudio Aurum Beta S?
I have the previous generation high output Glider and the Arum Beta S. To me, the Glider is a much better sounding cartridge - if you like a warmer sound. I also have a Virtuoso cartridge and like it's ability to bring out subtile details in the music and its higher output. The Beta S sounds very close to the Virtuoso overall. If you like the sound of the Beta S, you may want to stay with similar Clearaudio models as MarkD51 suggests.
Thanks Leonard and MarkD.
Since you say that the Glider is a much better cartridge and that the Beta S sounds very close to the to the Virtuoso, by applying the magical B2-4AC formula (LOL), I can now safely say that the Glider is the cartridge to get!
Thank you folks, your input has been very much appreciated.
To respond again to you infotrad, I onwed an original Benz Glider for at least a good ten years. Yes it was a good Cartridge, and when I switched from the MacCormack Micro Phono Drive ($750 list) to the Sutherland PhD ($3,000 list) there was a very good improvement in sound.

I think it's safe to say that the better Phono Pre you can utilize, the better the performance you will squeeze from the Glider, and perhaps this can be said about all other Cartridges as well. Cabling as well will enhance any Cartridge's performance.

The best advice I can give you for the Benz Glider, is do call around reputable Benz Dealers, and get a price first, as there is variation.

Not being a Shill for MusicDirect, but I did last year buy a brand new Benz Ruby 3 through them, as my Glider disintregrated right in my hands doing a Protractor Alignment. The Body seperated from the frame, being held together by one drop of adhesive. With it, went the 4 Pin Wires, and Suspension Wire of Cantilever!

My friend Bes Nivera at MD did cut me a good deal on the Ruby 3, and the Cartridge in many cases drop ships directly from Musical Surroundings, the main Benz Distributor in USA (Garth Leerer)

By from what I can see, my first version Glider was absolutely bare, offereing no protection from my fingers as I grasped the Cartridge to move it. It appears to me that newer version Gliders (if you look at the pics of one) that they have what appear to be "skirts" on either side of the Cartridge now.

The new Gyger Stylus may offer lower groove noise while in play, versus the older Stylus, and as well, might mean a little more work in keeping a smaller profile Stylus pristine clean. An RCM is definitely a great thing to have. Mark
Some of you mentioned the "Clearaudio house sound", how would you describe it? How does it compare to the Benz "house sound"?
I owned the previous version of the Glider HOMC and the Clearaudio Maestro. Both are very nice carts and worked very well with the phono stage in my VAC integrated. The Maestro to me excellent high end extension and resolution over the Glider. I think it would depend on your system, if you have a forward set-up the benz may be a better choice - if neuteral then the Maestro is it.