Benz Ebony LP or Lyra Delos ?

For about the same money I am getting to buy a Lyra Delos and Benz Ebony LP (not LP-S) cartridge. I listen mostly to classic rock and Blues, so, tone, PRAT and dynamics are most important while soundstage accuracy and transparency can be compromised a little. Tonearm is a Basis Vector 4.

Lyra Delos is highly regarded in general while Benz LP was their top model before the LPS. Which of these would you suggest ?

BTW, I also have an offer on an Ortofon Cadenza Black for about the same money but not sure if it is suited for Rock and Blues.
I like the Benz, but have only heard earlier Lyra's. I had the Benz Ruby 3 mounted on my Vector 3, and it was nothing special. In no way am I saying the Benz is nothing special, but am speaking to a possible lack of synergy. The Lyra on the other hand, is supposed to be a good match with the Vector. May also help to know your phono pre.
I have used the LP for 2 years. I would say the best cartridge I have had in my system, or at least equal to the Koetsu Rosewood Signature. I have never heard the Lyra.

A zyx Airy 3 preceeded it, a higly regarded cartridge. Like the LP it is detailed and uncoloured, but lacks the pace and snap of the LP. Just the PRAT you are looking for and the LP has it, to my ears. I would highly recommend it, with one caveat. If you are in the US, they were, I am not sure about now, very overpriced. My LP cost £1500, or about $1950. I think they were over $3000, in the US.
If you are in the US, just be aware that Benz has had a difficult time supplying dealers with inventory (if you check most of the online dealers of analog equipment you will see that most Benz carts are out of stock and if you call, you will see that there is no clarity on when they will get their next shipments and same with bricks and mortar dealers). And God forbid, if you snap the cantilever off on your Benz cart and you want a rebuild, you will be quoted over a year wait time (how do I know? because I am in that situation with my lowly Benz Micro Glider SL).

I am not sure what the situation is in Europe or other parts of the world but clearly Benz is having operational issues and a hard time supplying the US.
David, which tonearm were you using with the Benz LP and the ZYX ? Generally ZYX is considered to be a fast cartridge and Benz is considered more relaxed, it is interesting that you found the Benz to be faster with more snap.

Anyone else who could shed some light on the Benz vs ZYX vs Lyra ?
The Lyra Delos is the best cartridge I have heard in my system. My taste in music is similar to yours. I have used an Ortofon Kontrapunkt B, which is similar to a Cadenza. It is also very good for our type of music. I havent listened to a Benz Lp, but I have a Glider which is also quite dynamic. I dont think you could go wrong with either, but my choice would be the Delos.
Cmalak, your situation is quite contrary to the service I've received from my Benz dealer.
Are you sure you're dealing with an authorized Benz Micro dealer? Have you contacted the Benz Micro US distributor regarding your local dealer?

Pani, The Benz Ruby Z is essentially and LP-S with a different body. Using the Benz trade in I upgraded my Wood L to the S class Ruby Z and the improvement was substantial.

I dont have an offer on the LP-S, I only have it on Benz LP. I am also intrigued about the Ebony TR. It is a very low output version, has any one used it ? How does it compare to the LP/LPS ?
Vicdamone...I am using a Benz authorized dealer and they were quoted this time by Musical Surroundings which is the US importer. Have you had a rebuild done in much shorter time recently?
Pani I used both cartridges with an Ortofon 309D arm on an TW acoustic Raven One. Both cartridges are quite detailed, perhaps I should have highlighted rythm, rather than speed.

The last and first LP I played on the cartridges was a favourite, Moanin by Art Blakey. Even allowing for the hour to carefully set it up, the contrast was dramatic, it really swung along with the Benz, it plodeded with the Zyx. That's what I found anyway.
Thanks David.
We seem to arrive at similar dilemmas at different times.
I am at this moment making a similar consideration. A benz LP to replace an airy 3....what to do what to do?
Since this is an old post...what if any more light can you shed
I did get to try the Benz Ebony TR, which is probably a better cartridge than LP. It was nice but it was not neutral. It was fast but it did not present instruments with all its scale and bloom. I felt something was not very complete about that experience, though it was not bad. If required I could have happily continued listening to music through it, which means it was not irritating in anyway. The thing is, when you pay big money for a cartridge you expect it to sound special and complete. In that regards I prefer the Delos more. It is more dynamic than the benz, more tonally accurate, less coloured and more fun. You need a good tonearm though since Lyras push back lot of energy into the tonearm which should not upset the tonearm overall sonic balance, unlike ZYX which is a very tonearm friendly cart.
The Benz Ebony TR is a VERY low output cartridge and needs the best pre that can be had to bring out its virtues. I would get the Benz LP and trade it for an LPS....a really great cartridge.