Benz Ebony L retip

I am looking to get my Benz retipped.  I also wish to keep the original boron cantilever, condition permitting.

I does not appear that Benz offers these services so I am down to van den Hul, Soundsmith, Expert Stylus (UK) and Northwest Analogue (also UK).  Any one have experience with these names and if so:
1) make and model of cart?
2) work done?
3) approximate time taken?
4) level of satisfaction and how close to the original cart sound was the retip.

Benz LPS is a wonderful cartridge. mine was long in the tooth, and realized that a retipping would change the cartridge, so I moved on. Too bad
I've had Soundsmith work on many Benz cartridges over the years, all of which were ruby cantilevered. 3 Gliders, 1 Adcom, and 2 ACE’s. All superb and in the case of the ACE it turned it into a killer cartridge.

i also have a Ruby 3 that Andy at Cartridge Clinic retapped and retained the Baron cantilever and it is my prize cartridge.

You will be satisfied nicely with either and expect 2 to 3 months turn around.

The retip with so called ''cantilever/stylus'' combo seems to be much more easy to do then ''stylus retip only''. The first mentioned method cost twice as much. So many retippers refuse this kind of retip. Even my old friend Axel Schurholz. However I discovered that Expert Stylus does such work with their excelent  ''Paratrace'' stylus. I just retiped my Allaerts MC 2 for 180 GBP.

Sound smith did a "retip only" on my Benz LP several years ago.  It took about 8 weeks and cost $475.  I was surprised to find that it needed some break in after I got it back, but afterwards it sounded the same as when brand new as far as I could tell.  I was very pleased with the quality of the work by Soundsmith.  It's like getting a brand new Benz for $475.  In fact, I recently sent my Benz back for a second Retip and I am counting the days until I get it back.
SoundSmith re tipped my Benz Ebony H retaining the original cantilever.  5 week turn around and an excellent outcome. 
Why not take advantage of the retip exchange or upgrade programs offered by Musical Surroundings (Benz distributor for North America)? You can either swap out your Ebony for a new one or receive sizeable credit toward a Ruby or LPS.

There were some availability issues with Benz cartridges in the past, but those have been resolved and there's healthy stock in the US.

''esoteric'' and other retip kinds. My Koetsu rosewood signature

was ''refurbished'' by Koetsu for 2000 euro. My Koetsu Blue Sky

which needed only a new stylus got an boron/Shibata combo

by Axel for 500 euro. My Allaerts MC 2 got a new ''Paratrace''

stylus (only) for 180 GBP by Expert stylus. uk . I felt stupid by

the first two and smart by the last one. A kind of Raul's ''learning


Thanks for the all responses.  Based on the feedback I am leaning towards SoundSmith, also convenient as I live in Connecticut.  That being said, plenty of time to cogitate on this one.  Will also contact Expert.  Again, appreciate all the suggestions.
I have had 2 Lyra Helikons rebuilt (level 2/ruby cantilever/line contact stylus), Shelter 90X (level 3 ruby line contact), 2 Shelter 901s (level 2 and level 3), Koetsu  Goldline Black (level 2) Shelter 501 (level 2) and a Dynavector DRT XV1s (level3) all by Soundsmith, all these carts came back sounding the same if not better than in stock form with the exception of the Dynavector which came back sounding a bit different and at worst was a bit of a lateral move. With this said I have a Dynavector DRT XV1s that is around half life and an original ZYX that has about 600 hours of life (accessed by Soundsmith) that when it comes time will have Soundsmith retip the original cantilevers if at all possible and if not will try to get them to match as close as possible the original cantilevers. I might also add that the lateral move of the rebuilt Dynavector DRT XV1s left it as the second best cartridge I had ever owned at that time.