Benz cartridge line - what is the HOMC sweet spot?

I'm interested in adding one to an Origin Live Encounter MKIII arm on a baltic birch plinthed Technics SP-10 MKII. Phono stage is a Bottlehead Eros, 50dB gain.

Have a blessed Christmas Day, all!

Before you get to Interested in a Benz cartridge you should know there is a waiting list of 6 to 12 months to get one.
I am presently using a Benz Ebony H on an Encounter Mk3c arm. My TT is an OL Aurora mk2. The tone and detail of this cartridge are excellent in my system using the MM input on my Vac preamp.
The LP-s is generally available. Gullwing is not. Not sure about the rest of the line up.
Hello JB,
I am new to this site - Happened to see that you have a Pass Aleph clone.. I have an old Aleph 30 not really used in YEARS 15 years maybe.  I am looking for inexpensive speakers sub $1,000  In your post you mentioned you use Elac5's ? Sounded warm , nice..   Any further comments about this combo? Any other speakers you might suggest?  thank You .