Benz Ace S H or Dyna DV-20x2H

I would like to know which would be a better match for my JMW 9T on my Scout II with classic Aluminum platter, ring clamp and HRX center weight? I listen to everything but country and Rap. It would be nice to hear from people who have tried or listened to both.

Linkwitz Orion 3 speakers with matching ATI Amp,Phonomina II Phono stage

Thanks for the help
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The carts are pretty comparable in terms of weight, compliance, and tracking ability (neither is a great tracker). There should be no compatibility problem with your arm.

Overall, I find the voicing of the Benz, with it's vibrant midrange, to be more fun, but ultimately prefer a more neutral midrange. (I should mention that I have the low output Dyna, not the high). I haven't tried any other high output carts in that price range.

Have you considered any low output MCs? I think they are preferable to the high output versions in most cases. It looks like the Phenomena II should be able to handle low output carts.
Hi Thanks for the help. I had tried a low output MC cart but I could not get enough output even on the highest gain setting. I think it was AT33EV So I guess I got turned off. Could you explain why you prefer the lows over the high.

Do you think one of the higher priced carts from them will track better? I was also thinking maybe a Benz wood. I really dont want to go north a grand.
I have a Benz Glider (medium output) on a Rega P5 and a Dynavector 17D3 on a Kuzma Stogi S.
Both are nice carts. The Benz gets slight heads up on smoothness and the Dynavector on clarity. I would buy either one again anytime.
The Benz line has the $100 trade in... if that helps. I paid $875. for my Benz. ($1000)
I have a Benz Wood S medium output which I feel has a great soundstage, tracks very well and has a sweet sounding midrange. I had this cartridge on a Rega P3-24 and now on a TW-Acustic Raven One. This is my second Benz cartridge and would recommend them. I do not have any experience with this level of dynavector cartridges.
Low output being better sounding in general than high output MCs is just something that seems to be a consensus that I've picked up from reading various forums (I've only had a couple high output MCs, the other being a Dyna 10x5). Not sure how serious that should be taken.

I'm surprised 60dB was not enough gain for the AT33EV as that's the gain setting I use for my AT33PTG, but this is probably pre-amp/amp dependent.
To answer the tracking question, in my limited experience, price has little to do with tracking ability. One of my best trackers is the AT150. The AT33PTG tracks just as well as that one. The Benz Ace and Benz Wood track about the same as eachother, only OK compared to the ATs. If I recall correctly, the Dyna 20xl may have done a little better than the Benzes. This is with the SME 309 arm. Tracking was tested with the Hi-Fi News test record, but also by listening to inner groove performance with complex symphonic music. Now this may only be the case with the SME, but I think the point still stands about price vs. tracking ability.
Thanks for everyones suggestions. Maybe I could go with a medium output and split the differance if I decide on the Benz.
I don't agree that lower output equals better sound. Sometimes med. or high output cartridges sound better...a lot depends on the pre you're using. Often, the less the pre has to work, the more quality you can get out of it.
The newest "S" version of the Ace is a stellar tracker. I had the original version years ago and got rid of it due to its less than ideal tracking ability. Nothing drives me nuts more than mis-tracking and inner groove distortion. If I get a hint of either of these problems it's on to another cartridge for me!

It's important to note that Benz-Micro recently changed the "S" line from the Gyger-S styli to a microline stylus. My Benz-Micro Ace SH is the newest microline version. The only way to determine if the one you're buying is the Gyger or microline version is to either open it up and check the specs in the box or email the serial # to Musical Surroundings (the US Benz distributor) and they can let you know.

Long story short, the latest "S" version is a whole different animal than the original.
how long have you had the Ace?
A couple of months. It got me off a long run of MM carts.
Have you ever tryed the dyna?
Indeed. I ran the microline version of the the 20xL for a number of years.
Good to hear about the Ace tracking and stylus improvements. Mine is an older Ace.