Benz ACE, Grado Sonata or Clearaudio Aurum Beta S?

I am looking for a new cartridge to replace a Benz MC Silver and have it narrowed down to these three. I am looking for a large, smooth, open sound (who isn't!) and I listen to vinyl in a wide range of conditions from garage sale finds to Classic Records. My TT is a Clearaudio Champion/RB300 Quint and Turbo weight with Musical Surroundings Phonomena phono preamp. Any experience with these cartridges would be much appreciated. Thanks for any input.

I used a Sonata for a few months. It was a phenomenol tracker with great bass extension and good weight in the mids. However, the extended trebles that I have become so used to with MC cartridges was reduced. I then tried a Benz Glider which was very much the opposite. The Benz was a terrible tracker when it finally found a home in my Clearaudio Reference TT. The fullness in the mids was much reduced but perhaps a little more closer to the truth. And the upper frequencies had more extension and resolution. The 1mv output of the Benz was a much better match with the ARC PH2 which is more geared to higher output MC cartridges. The Benz was quite a nice sonic match but ultimately it's incompatibily in the Clearaudio Reference TQ1 arm (it worked superbly in the Linn Ittok LVII) pushed me to try another cartridge: Koetsu Rosewood. The skipping and getting stuck was gone. The Koetsu brought back more fullness in the mids but to another level. It made me remember the Sonata's strengths.

I still have the Sonata and Benz Glider so if you are interested, let me know. Perhaps we can work something out. Both cartridges have very little use. Best regards.

I own a Linn LP12 and have owned or heard all the above cartridges. I've owned MC's, MI's and MM's. I recently replaced an older MC with the new Clearaudio Aurum Beta S MK II and can't believe how great it sounds. I cannot see spending more unless you go all the way with a top flight analog rig. The midrange is to die for, making MC's sound analytical and forced. There is plenty of deep bass and very smooth detailed highs. Nothing fatiguing about it, very musical in a way that draws you into the music for hours. I like it so much I can't see spending more. They really got it right with this model. An even greater value with a trade in. Buy it and be happy!!!!!!!!!!!!
I've been using Benz Glider and than Benz M.09. I still have those. I use Glider as a back up if I sell my Benz M.09. Having 2 carts at a time helps me to sell any cartridge I want and use another one instead while upgrading for a better one.

I am very pleased with musicality and naturality of Glider and M.09. As far as I know Clearaudio is a forward-imaged TT and might sound agressive. If you will plug in soft Benz you will have a complementary match that will blast a music.

Either cartridge of the two above said can be sold so please contact for more info.