Bent Stylus....what to do?

Hey Fellas, I recently sustained some damage to my Grado Ref Stylus. Took it to the dealer and they highly recommended a new cartridge. The stylus was slightly bent inwards. Will this damage the LPs?. What happens if I don't replace the Stylus. I have not decided on what to do, yet....Would appreciate your input.
can you not get the grado retipped? or is retipping the same price as a new grado? van den hul advertises its ability to retip economically any cartridge; might give 'em a try. BTW, i believe a bent stylus can damage your lps', depending in what direction the stylus tip is now headed.
Grado retipping costs 2/3 of a new cartridge.Actually,you trade in the old one for a new one.Is the Grado still under warranty? Might want to give John Grado a call in NY and see what he says.He is real nice to talk to.
david: your post led me to the grado website. i hadn't known before today that john grado took over the reins of the company from his uncle joseph. i've neither met nor spoken to john grado, but if he's anything like joseph, he must be a true gentleman. thank you for teaching me something about our mutually-loved industry. -kelly
Kelly,thanks for the kind words.Im not sure if its common knowledge,but Joe invented the MC cartridge and either holds or held the patent on it.Just wondering if anyone knows why he never put out a MC cartridge himself but chose a moving iron design instead .No life lines allowed!
David, I'm dying to know the answer. Please enlighten us.
Pertikcs,I dont know the answer,I was wondering also.
I'd not take a chance with a bent stylus. Back in college days, I ruined some good LPs by playing them on a damaged stylus. Replacing the LPs cost much more than replacing the stylus, and some were out of print
Don't take. a chance with your LPs. 
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You guys are in time
Not bad for a post from 2001 
You guys are in time
Not bad for a post from 2001
I can’t believe I *still* forget to check the date range of some threads.