Bent spade terminal

Hi I have some Morrow speaker cables for my Tannoys. I noticed that one of the spade connectors is quite bent and is a bit wobbly—like there’s a crease where it’s bent and you could easily split it off if you bent it back and forth a few times. This is on the straight bit of metal above the two prongs of the spade.  Maybe the cleaner ran the vacuum over it or something. I’m worried now  that the sound quality has degraded. 
First, should I worry?!
Second, I don’t want to spend money on a brand new cable. Can I replace just the terminator?  Will it be as good as the factory?  And what terminator should I use?

What oldhvymec said, at least until (if) it breaks, and then what noromance said.

Last thing you should do is pay money for shipping, pay for a spade to be installed, all just to have another signal-degrading connector added. Spades are NOT there to improve the connection. Spades are only there for durability. To enable lots of connecting/disconnecting while still having something that looks good. Spades enhance appearance, not performance.
Cut it off, paint wire with graphene and stick it in. 
You'll be glad you did.
Ok then!  Thanks very much. It’s clear what to do. One of the few times on a forum. 😉