Bent cantilever on Dynavector 10x5 Screwed?

I have been avoiding this for weeks, but finally got the courage to look into my cartridge. (CDs only of late.)

Something is seriously screwed up. The cantilever is loose, and it has definitely been bent. It bent when I placed it on my Shure Sylus Force Gauge, and I did it very gently of course. So, am I out a cartridge or can I have it fixed? Is it even worth fixing?

I really don't know how this happened. I just know I noticed distortion on the last record I played (about two weeks ago)....Might have been a friend.
I busted 2 cants on both my previous 10x5....Their worth 20%off the purchase on another dyna cart. The cantilever is very exposed on this cart.

So I tried a Denon DL 103 Low ouput cart and WOW blows away the dyna. The soundstage is huge compared to the Dynavector and has more presence. Especially if you listen to rock. I'm no expert but after owning 2 Dynavectors I'm fairly familiar with it's potential...
I had exactly the same reaction when I tried a new Denon DL-103 and an inexpensive used Denon step-up transformer I found on Ebay (total cost including the cart, $260). My Dyna 10x5 went on Audiogon the next week. I was never really happy with the Dyna, even after "nuding" it -- removing the red plastic cover -- which did improve it quite a bit. But the Denon is, quite simply, a world-beater. Good luck, Dave
A bent cantilever is like being a little bit pregnant. Yes, it can be fixed (replaced). Only you can determine if it`s worth it.
Thanks for all the feedback. I guess I'll look into repairing it to at least see how much this would cost. 20% on a trade doesn't sound that great, but I am glad to hear there is something.

I've heard the Denon DL103 is a good match for Rega arms, and I have a P5; so I may go that route. We'll see....
I"m currently running my Denon W/Rega P3........Rogue stealth phono.........Great !

So I'm not the only one on the planet using the Rogue Stealth phono preamp? I love mine, but rarely find anyone else that is using one.


You are screwed, but you can use this as an oportunity to upgrade. I've been there before. That way you don't feel like you wasted money and are in the same boat. If you can stretch to get a Dyna Karat, you will be in heaven. Otherwise, you might consider the Denon mentioned above.

The 10x5 is great for it's price, but I haven't heard the Denon.