bent cantilever

I have a Dynavector 20X2L that the cantilever is slightly bent off center. Any advice/remedy without having to have it retipped? Thanks 

Retipping is all you can do be more careful in the future!!

Bent is "Bent". Send to factory and hope they offer rebuild or trade in. Kuzma dealer bent cantilever on my Dynavector while taking a closeup picture of it after he installed it. Dynavector helped him out with with the cost of a new replacement. Lyra gives a trade in price. Best Wishes. Be careful in the future.
Is there an actual bend or is the cantilever positioned off center where it protrudes thru the body or motor assembly.

Here is some info that may or may not be  be relevant. It was posted by the designer of Lyra cartridges.

Read the post from Jcarr posted 04-05-2014 3:45am

Read, JCarr post/responses
The relevant info would be the effect of ferrous material attracted to the magnetic fields of the coils/magnet and the collection of such material affecting the stylus alignment.

bradf, it is off center where in protrudes. Sorry I was not more specific. 
Please read the above referenced post by Johnathan Carr. He explains that an accumulation of magnetic particles in the area of the magnets and coil can displace the cantilever alignment. He states that the Lyra cartridge can be cleaned internally (professionally) to remedy the fault.
I haven't researched how applicable this would be to your cartridge, but think it would be worthwhile for you to look into, especially if you have no recollection of contacting your cartridge in a manner to cause a bend / misalignment. Good Luck
It may be a non-issue, if it's not too far off being centered. When you align your cartridge, make it so the cantilever is straight, not the cartridge body. There may be no difference in how it sounds, as long as it's aligned properly.

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Throw it away.Your records are worth more than the price of a new cartridge, and as far as I'm concerned bent cantilever means increased risk of record damage from mistracking.

We'll throwing it away may be going a little overboard.  But it's a pity how many brand new cartridges seem to be coming through with bent cantilevers.  I recently had a bad experience with a very well known manufacturer.  I never should have accepted the cartridge from the dealer, but i did.  Now over $1,000 later after sending it back for a rebuild, i've learned my leason LOL.