Bent Banana Plug

I recently discovered that I have a couple of bent banana plugs. I evidently bent them moving my speakers. I know now I should remove the cables before moving the speakers. I'll just chalk this one up to "live and learn".

Is there any way to carefully straighten them? I guess I need to have them replaced. can I let my local guy do it or do I need to send them back to the manufacturer. Does it in any way affect their value if I use someone local? And no, they don't screw off......I did have enough sense to check that. They are Acoustic Zen cables BTW.
You can do it yourself if you are comfortable using solder gun to replace it. I believe Acoustic Zen will be happy to fix it for you at a reasonable cost or free of charge some times. Call them. Mr. Lee of AZ is a nice guy.
A factory repair keeps resale value higher. It shouldn't matter who does the repair if the job is done well, but to subsequent buyers it does.
how badly did you bend them? If it's not too bad you can attempt to straighten the prongs by slipping the banana into a cylinder of only slightly larger diameter,then apply reasonable torque in the opposite direction. I am picturing a nut driver with a hollow tube stem. At this point there's nothing to lose if you're gonna repair them anyway.
Why straighten them? Electrons can go around corners quite well.
I intend to contact AZ.
I was wondering about the resale value, Tvad.
I have given some thought to straightening them but am wondering how to flare the middle out. I suppose Icould try to delicately bend it out with a very pointed object. It is that fat part in the middle that gives it a tight fit.
Eldartford, to your point. Don't ends have to fit tightly? They actually fit tighter if bent more. If bent ones get the same contact then what is all the hullabaloo about cleaning contacts and tightening down spades and such. They certainly seem to sound ok bent.