Bent Audio TAP-X vs. older TAP / Muisic First

Basically the question is this: are the new autoformers that John Chapman is using in the TAP-X at least as good as the old S&B TX102 mk3?

I'd like any one opinion who compared the old vs new Bent or the new Bent vs a music first copper or silver version (not the reference).

The autoformers are better.
I had been wondering exactly the same thing. Ultrafitimes, have you had a chance to compare them side-by-side?
Yes, I have compared them side-by-side.
Ultrafitimes, thanks. Which with setup did you compare them?

What about current output and capability to drive low-impedance, low-sensitivity amps such as my firstwatt F3?
Larry, can you flesh out your comments a bit regarding the comparison, and how does the Tap-x compared to other preamps you have tried, especially active tube linestages?
Ultrafitimes, in what ways did you prefer the autoformers to the transformers? How was it better?