Bent Audio TAP?

Anyone have a chance to hear Bent Audios new TAP passive pre? I know the Noh model is highly regarded, is this new model even better?
While the TAP doesn't look anything like the NOH or anything else, it sounds virtually identical. Much more versatile for HT.

Was over at John's a few months ago and replacement for NOH was just waiting for final aesthetic touches. Lord knows how long that's gonna take him ;) It looked good. Much better RC. Better news is that assembly will be contracted out (US) so they might actually be available.
My apologies, espescially to John. Took a look at site and new version of TAP is out. Uses same trannys as NOH but shorter paths so should sound even better. I've heard both silver and OCC versions and the silver might be a better match for tubes.

You still must have low impedance source to get full benefit.

The transparency os these are amazing. On a live recording, I use to hear the audience applauding. Now, I hear that guy down in the fifth row. He really enjoyed the show but his girlfriend is just going along.
What do you consider "low impedance".
Any thing below 1000 ohms is normally just fine.
This thread is a bit old and the Bent TAp with autoformer has been released. I did not own the previous version with the S&B trannies, but I did own a highly regarded S&B passive by K&K. I don't know if the difference is due to the difference in manufacturer, but I find the autoformer version of the TAP clearly superior to the S&B passive I previously owned. No leaness I can detect running my Music Reference RM9SE and incredible presentation of intonation by which I mena tracking changing levels of volume and and pitch which to me is critical to getting the musical message; that it the new Bent Tap is very musically articulate. No loss of dynamics that I can detect compared with some highly regarded tube actives I have own. With the right matching amp and source voltage, this passive is about as good as it get I think - worth an audition, especially if you own a tube amp with a 100kohm or higher input impedance and sensitivity half the output voltage of your source.