Bent Audio passive pre with SA 102 amp.

Is anyone using a Bent Audio passive pre with a Plinius SA 102 power amp? Or maybe the new Antique Sound Labs T2 passive pre?
The Plinius looks to be a good match with a passive from it's spec sheet. I have the Bent passive, mine is matched with my Krell Ksa-250. The Bent does not like source with very high output, most cdp's are around 2v output which with the Plinius would be plenty. I love the new case design of the Bent, mine has the old somewhat ugly case. The Bent..if it works for you is as good as it gets, IMHO.

Thanks Dave, of your experience with Bent Audio.
I'm considering the new NOH passive pre, with the new case
design. The importer in NZ can customise to your needs, and
I'll probably go for a balanced in/out version.
I'll be using it with a Wadia 301 cdp. I tried using the Wadia straight into the SA 102 amp, but I lost some weight in the music.