Bent Audio NOH v Sonic Euphoria;Anyone heard both?

l was wondering if anyone has had the opportuntiy to compare both of these pre amps? l currently own a NOH and would like to hear from anyone lucky enough to have heard both in the same system. Both are transformer based although the Sonic Euphoria uses autoformers, whatever they may be : )

Cheers Simon
Nobody at all :(

Not one owner of a Sonic Euphoria..........
Haven't heard the Sonic Euphoria but Bent Audio has ceased production of the NOH in order to develop a fancier remote controlled TVC. He likes creating more than producing.

If you're up for some soldering, any TVC can be converted into an autoformer by wiring it backwards. I've heard some people say that it improves the sound but when I tried, it made little difference. Also, you can't convert from SE to balanced with an autoformer.

Check the DIY forums for more info. TVC's are a hot project nowadays.