benifits of reclocking


I am just about to send in my Music Hall CD-25 that has a Level 1+ mod to have the clock upgraded to a Dexa D Clock and at the same time add the Burson dual op amps.

Can you experts chime in and ad what your experience has been in upgrading the clocks. Apparantly the Dexa clock is the cat's ass.



I had the Raysonic with the full mods including that clock.It was a nice player until my friend brought over his Kora Hermies and that was the end of that story.The Kora to three of us was much better in all aspects.We used the 128 as a transport and then tried a Sony blueray DVD player as a transport and preferred the blueray.I am no expert but this is what three people heard so I was lucky to find a Kora and bought it.
Obviously your mileage will vary.
Best of luck in your hunt.

I sent my jolida player in for service and they replaced the original clock. Marked improvement in pace rhythm timing.
I don't want a cat's ass in my transport. However, I did have a SuperClock 3 installed in my Audio Refinement Alpha player with great results......until the cheapo mechanism crashed and nobody could fix it even with a new transport. It did sound far better though after the clocking.
04-16-09: Celtic66
I don't want a cat's ass in my transport.
LOL! how about the "cat's whiskers"?
(cat's ass? GOK where these people come up with these phrases??)

the benefits of reclocking are mostly to reduce jitter that is injected into the digital signal @ the output of the transport due to use of an imprecise clock source & low(er) slew rate output buffer.
This is WAY off the subject but I've always heard it as "rat's ass" as in: "I don't give a rat's ass". "Cat's ass" is new to me. As a superlative I've heard "cat's meow" as in: "That's the cat's meow". Have we confused the two and run them together?
No that is an expression I heard as a younger man but now in my 50's it is an old one,damn :-)

Hello guys. Thanks for all of your responses...even the responses to what is for me an age old expression. I REALLY never anticipated reponses on the expression, but it was quite humorous (not only the responses but the fact that the expression generated the responses in the first place). But, where DO these expressions come from...when you analyze so many of them they REALLY dont make sense. Anyway, I had the mods done, and I am quite pleased with them. The combo of the two really make the player seem more transparent and more warm. Again, thanks for your input.
I never understood "Bees Knees" or "Cats Meow". I once worked with a guy who TRIED to popularize "That's House!". If he was really excited, he'd use "That's House as Shit!"