Benefits of Bi-Amping high-powered amps?

I have a class D Spectron Musician amp that is rated at 500w into 8 ohms. My speakers, Von Schweikert 4.5 III's, are rated at 89db and 6 ohm at which the Musician outputs 600w. Would there be any reason to vertically bi-amp these amps? They seems to have alot of headroom as it is. Does it make sense to bi-amp high output amps?
Thanks for your thoughts.
Obviously you don't have a power problem issue, but bi-amping can provide other benefits. The advantage of using an electronic crossover, and eliminating the passive ones, can have a real sonic benefit. Also, vertical bi-amping provides true dual-mono amp configuration, which can also be advantageous. There are also some trade-offs like cost, additional interconnects, system complexity, longer signal path with the elec. Xover, etc.
There is a place in philidelphia called DAVID MANN AUDIO.
I had some good conversations with Barry Mann about this and he seemed real intellegent. Then I did a search on the web and found he actually had a white paper on the subject, and from my conversations with him, I could also tell you that it is his experience, not (just) theory. In short, the long version of the above, (HA!).
I am guessing that the improvement would be marginal and have a bad price/performance ratio. I probably would get more bang for my buck buying a Hydra or an Audio Magic Stealth and some Aurios.
Of course, the best place to spend the 2-2.5K might be to get a record washer and an analoge set-up. I'm sure Twl would agree.

In reality bi-amping or any multiple amped system will be a far better sound than single amping. The reason is that each amp only has to work in a certain frequency range increasing all the impotant parameters associated with playback. Tha misconception is that two or more amps on todays popular speakers is delivering the same advantages as using active crossovers. The amp still operates at full bandwidth and is not nearly as efficient as one playing a limited frequency range. The limiting factor is cost. The speake cannot contain internal crossovers and must allow for true bi-amp capability and away we go with the dough. I don't mean it cannot contain any crossover as most mid and tweet sectionns still will have something to limit there range but if this is done electrically it is way better. Just my opinion.
Yes, there is an advantage in bi-amping either vertically or horizontally, but the big advantage would be with actively biamping your speakers, if done right.

I was lucky in that Dan D'Agostino of Krell designed the modifications to my B&W800's as well as the crossover board for his KBX electronic x-over. Altough my speakers have a sensativity rating of 93 dB/watt, the difference was staggering....the biggest improvement that I ever made to my system, bar none.

I would contact Krell and see if they will do the same for your speakers. If they will, save your pennies and buy a KBX, and do the change.

Save your money.I have biamped the Musician II with VSA vr7s and I could not hear any difference between running them either way.There are those who claim that verticaly biamping will improve sound more so than Horizontly biamping and again I can hear no difference.Using an active crossover may very well yield some benefits,but not at what it cost to do it right.