Benefits of better cables with limitation of basic speaker wire in wall

I have a dedicated home theater, and as is standard most of the speaker wires are in wall with plugs to connect.

I have found that "everything matters" in terms of cabling and wires etc.  But I also have found that the system gets "limited" by the worst component and in this case it would be the feet of wire in the wall. 

My question is has anyone upgraded speaker wire/ interconnects and noticed an improvement in sound quality.  Also understanding that any upgrades are much pricier than hi-fi since we are talking 11 channels of speaker and connection on both sides of the wall.

Thanks for your thoughts


For a dedicated hi-fi strata 2-channel system driven by quality build electronics into quality build speakers, then …yes …. stepped up speaker wire upgrades do matter.

For the usual home theatre multi-channel system driven by the prevailing mass-marketed multi-channel AV preamp/ processors, or the AV multi-channel receivers ….. it can be and usually is a waste of money and worse.

Firstly, the 7.1 to 11.x multichannel audio soundtrack is largely an artificial manufactured soundtrack that is limited and or incapable of any improved soundstage performance,

Secondly the usual multichannel upstream HT components simply don’t have the audio performance capabilities to compare against the said 2-channel high(er) end system.

Thirdly and most importantly, concealing any speaker wire behind the walls requires a rigid fire code cable rating or you void your house insurance policy in case of fires 🔥. These types cables are specifically rated and labelled as such , and invariably these are entry level budget strata model offerings that come off bulk cable rolls.


FWIW, I have a $20K HT 7.1 system in my mancave along with 3 other 2-channel systems ranging from $1500 to $5000 to $50,000. I have progressive $$$ stepped-up cables in the last two systems , and I use quality build (at their entry level price point strata) BELDEN speaker cables for both the HT and the budget 2-channel rig.

the HT speaker cables were the largest gauge fire-rated BELDEN available now behind the walls driving a $10K+ MARTIN LOGAN speaker system. and $10K of upstream electronics, They work great for a HT system .

Caveat emptor, sir and don’t fall for money poorly spent 


Thanks for the well written response.  That was my assumption, but wanted some other experiences.



I have the same experience as akg - the inwall wire is definitely a chokepoint. There can be creative options to address it. Audio Advisor terminates many of the cables they sell, and hence they can sell almost anything in bulk footage. The wall plates are probably the next thing to look at, so spend a little time to find good ones. They exist, but will probably take some looking to find them.

Happy listening!