Benefits of a DAC for Moon Nova

I currently have a Moon Nova CD Player and have been thinking about the benefits/upgrade of a DAC. Have never used one in my system and would like to hear from those who do/have. Any specific advice concerning which to choose for my particular unit would be most appreciated. maleja
I have a Nova in my living room system. I bought it initially to use as a single-box player then as a transpoort for an Audio Note DAC I had ordered. It worked very well in both roles. I love AN DACs, and would recommend either the 2.1x Balanced or the 3.1x Balanced. My 3.1x really showed up the DAC section of the Nova. While the built-in DAC no slouch, the Audio Note showed it to be a little thin, sterile and mechanical sounding.

Keep in mind that the Audio note 3.1x was a DAC that cost well over twice the entire price of the Nova. For a more rational price, maybe a Benchmark would be worth investigating, or a Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista 21.
Richard Kern of Audiomods did a Black Gate capacitor mod on my Nova recently and I am extremely pleased with the improvements in soundstaging, definition, and more organic presence. High value mod, imo.

What pre and amp do you have?
hello: am using a rowland concerto integrated. maleja