Benefit to using 20amp Python Helix power cable for MPC12a vs 15amp?

I am using the 12 outlets on the Shunyata MPC12a for my whole system including 2 Pass Labs 250.5 power amps.

I am also using all 12 outlets. Would a 20amp Python Helix power cable be of consequential benefit vs the 15amp?

Should I be looking at an Anaconda instead?

The wall outlet is a normal 20amp household circuit, I believe.

Thanks for the assist.
If it sounds better then yes. Otherwise, guess what? No.
The only difference Im aware of is the connector. 20 amp connections (requires both male and female to be 20amp) are better engineered than most 15amp
I got the 20 amp after speaking with Richard at Shunyata today.