benefit of Higher power over Lower power Amp ?

Hi, I would like to know if there would be any additional sonic benefit besides having more head-room for a Higher power amp over the Lower power amp (they both from a same manufacturer,with same circuitry design ; 160W and 250 W respectively). Your opinion ,explaination and suggestions is highly appreciated and thanks in advance.

Deja vu all over again! I was going to reference a thread with virtually that same question from a week or two ago, but it disappeared. It is no longer on the Gon, even though it wasn't very controversial -- just some spirited discussion.

Long story short: It depends. Many love the sound of simpler circuits with lower wattage and believe that's the way to go. Others like the additional headroom and current that larger amps provide. Power statistics alone are insufficient for any direct comparison of sound quality. Even when the term "all things equal" is used, many point out that all things can never be equal.

Each doubling of power provides another 3 db of sound pressure. In the other thread, no consensus was attained other than an acknowledgement of the value of good design, that pure Class A amps are a good thing and that some electrical properties around power (e.g., ohms law) do apply and may affect bass response.

I hope that's a decent summary and I hope others join in to correct any misstatements.

Why would a thread like that...that had so many responses get removed?

I was wondering the samething. It was not mean spirited at all. Just a lot of different viewpoints. Towards the end, it was mostly about the sonic merits of the Parasound JC1's. Different points of views and thoughts but nothing mean spirited. All of a sudden, boom, it's gone! I've seen a heck of a lot more contraversial stuff stay on.
Anyway, to answer the question, it is a BIG depends. It seems it is easier for manufacturers to get smaller amps right more than it is the big ones. However, there are some good big ones out there.
To me, smaller amps have a sweeter more delicate sound. But it does depend on the overall system the amp is be utilized in.
Hi Simon:

If I remember your system correctly, you were using NAD amplification and listening to a lot of orchestral music. In my main system, I just upgraded from a 85 wpc Musical Fidelity (A3 integrated amp) to a 250 wpc Musical Fidelity (A300 power amp). I still do not play my system very loud (the joys of coop living with many elderly neighbors), but what I like about having more power is that even at lower listening levels, the more powerful amp does not sound strained at all ... very easy sounding. In your case, upgrading from 160 to 250 wpc will fall a bit short of doubling the volume of your system, but depending on your listening levels, the sound may be perceived as less strained and that may be more enjoyable to you.

Regards, Rich
I find the capacitors and transformers to be a more important factor and that its really a matter of sybergy and the sound that the amp you choose puts out. I have a 150wpc Musical Fidelity which puts out transparent clean sound to a point but then starts to clip if it is stressed. I also have a 100watt old Audio research with capacitors the size of soda cans which play less distorted controls and defines the bass at louder volumes. Low power as in my tube amp is great for tonal accuracy but don't ask it to play very loudly. There simple volume will be the issue at 40wpc.
Musical dynamics.
Mitch, I'm with Bigtee -- i.e., there is no reason I can determine why that thread was eliminated. Maybe it's a system glitch???
Generally speaking as long as the amp has suffient power to drive the speakers, lower powered amps will sound better beause there is less in the circuit. Less output transistors etc...

However THIS IS VERY GENERALIZED!!! and not true of all brands. In the end let your ears make the decision (if the wallet can afford it that is :) )


P.S. I also had a speaker thread disapear last week. It was friendly thread and there was no arguing going on. Not sure why it would of been deleted? Maybe just a sytem glich?? Possible the database had a glich and they lost some posts.