Benefit of cable lifters on 100 wool carpet.

I read about the benefit of lifting cables off synthetic carpet. What about all wall carpet? Thanks.
No need for lifters on wool carpet. I have tried with and without and no difference is heard in my rig and environment. The lifters went right back to the dealer for a full refund. As with all 'tweaks', full refund is mandatory. Few ever worked for me. Room treatments will always work.
I second the room treatments. Critical speaker alignment and placment are second after room treatments.
I agree, cable lifters are definitely an 'Emperor's new clothes' item ;--) Except in two instances:
1.) Always use them when you have an electric radiant heating grid under the floor (and it's turned on ;--) and
2.) Sometimes, lifters can make a difference when you have a steel-mesh (or re-bar) reinforced concrete slab-on-grade. This is not a slam-dunk tweak, and depends a lot on the speaker wire and/or the single ended (not balanced) IC's being used. Do a dry run with any nonmetallic blocks (bricks or wood 4x4 pieces or small cardboard boxes.) If you roll 'snake eyes' you don't have anything to return ;--)
My floor is wood so it seems unanimous that the cable lifters will be unnecessary.
As far as room acoustics are concerned, I found them just too difficult to get right. This was one of the reasons that I went to a computer based desktop system with mini-planars, Stylaudio Carat Topaz USB DAC, and Monster Power HTS-3500 power center. I can realign my planars with ease whenever I am in the mood of a change.
Thanks for your responses.