Benchmark vs. PS Audio vs. Lavry

Now that I have installed my Apple TV, it's time to turn my attention to a new DAC. Anyone have experience with any of these three (or preferably all three)? I'd like to stay in the one thousand dollar range.

The Current Absolute Sound has an absolute rave review of the Benchmark DAC 1 Pre, essentially saying it cannot be improved upon in any significant way and that it solves problems associated with jitter. Same issue has a good article on music servers (mainly Apple TV and Squeezebox Duet) that will be of interest to folks in this forum.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
I have both the Lavry and the Benchmark. In a friend's system with large Usher Be speakers, the Lavry was the unquestionable choice. The Benchmark sounded thin and amusical (but so do the Ushers if you ask me).

In another friend's system, with Thiel 3.7's, the Lavry was also preferred.

But in MY system, with Dynaudio Confidence C1's, it's a much closer call and I may, in fact, prefer the Benchmark, which sounds more neutral and open while the Lavry sounds a bit thick. So, as with all things, it's a matter of system matching.

Regarding the TAS review of the Benchmark, I think you need to read it with an appreciation of Robert E. Greene's preferences and biases. And his bona fides: the man is a math professor at UCLA, an accomplished violinist, and I believe he has perfect pitch.

Both the Lavry and the Benchmark hold value extremely well. Do what I did, buy both and see which you prefer.
I have a Benchmark and have read all the reviews. I absolutely agree with the recent Absolute Sound review. The key is the (1) power conditioner (I have a Shunyata Hydra 8) (2) power cord (Shunyata Python) and (3) interconnects (Tara Labs RSC AIR One). Everyone says leans to thin and grainy and before the cables, PC & Power Conditioner - I agreed. I know a $2500 power conditioner, $1,100 Power Cord and $1,000 IC's may seem overkill but I find it difficult to beat the sound with these upgrades. Only bested by my CD player (Esoterin X03-SE). You gotta try the benchmark if you can go with cable upgrades.
I have owned the Lavry for about 6 months and the latest Benchmark DAC1USB for about 9 months now.

Both are excellent DACs: The Lavry opens up a very nice widow into the recording. Soundstaging and instrument separation are excellent. Even tonally it is very easy to follow each instrument easily. It is very neutral and doesn't draw attention to itself. However, this also results in the Lavry being much less exciting than the Benchmark and boring at times. I wish I would have kept the Lavry around a little longer, as the resoltution and instuemnt separation are outstanding - I sold it as I was annoyed at the upsampling controversy surrounding the Lavry DA10.

The Benchmark shines with quick transient responses which gives it a fast exciting sound. Tonally it is very neutral and has more bass extension than the Lavry. In the long term, I enjoyed listening to the DAC 1 the most.

Both DACs lack the last bit of decays and flow in the music, which is what my Brick tube DAC does so well.
Also just to add to my post: In my observations, the latest Benchmark DAC1USB in nowhere near thin and grainy. I did have that impression of an early model DAC1 though.
The Cullen Stage 3 PS Audio blows the Benchmark away. Rick Cullen has been involved in PS Audio's designs for years, and his mod is under warranty by PS Audio, which is very rare for modded equipment.

Cullen has a large facility that builds equipment for various companies, so the work is of the highest caliber.
I have had the Benchmark and the standard PS Audio. I found the BM to be too detailed in my system as my Merlin speakers are very revealing themselves. I was actually warned of this by another goner prior to buying. I find the PS unit to be more full and easier to listen to for long periods. Both are great but system dependent.
I'm using a DAC1 USB. Using it with a Hydra 4 and Taipan Alpha Helix power cord and Acoustic Zen Reference II RCAs. Very happy with the setup.
Not related to PC Audio, but to the Benchmark, I just hooked up a Masterlink CD Burner to the Benchmark using the AES/EBU 110 ohm xlr input (Apogee Wyde-EYE) and just can't believe how good it sounds. I do need to burn in the cable (the trombone in The Mooch - Sterophile Test CD) is a little isolated - a bit behind the sound stage) but the overall, initial sound, I gotta say, blew me away. I wish the squeezebox had an AES/EBU output. I would think one of the SB mods would be able to do that.
Thanks for all the replies. I am leaning toward the Benchmark DAC 1 Pre preamp. Since it has multiple digital inputs, I could attach my Apple TV via Toslink and my Oppo 681H via toslink. Presumably, my cable box also has a coax out. One thing I am unclear on: Obviously, when using the Oppo to play audio disks (Redbook, SACD, DVD audio etc.) the bitstream will be audio only coming out of the coax outputs. When playing a DVD will I still be able to run it into the Benchmark for audio purposes, or will it be a combinged audio/video signal? I know it sounds pretty basic, but I haven't paid any attention to the video side at all.

Thanks again.
The only cable which combines video & audio is an HDMI. Audio will go through the coax (or toslink). You will need hdmi or component for the video from source direct to tv/monitor. Not sure if you need to set a preference (in a menu) to have audio default through the coax-on my gear (Pioneer Elite Plasma/receiver/blue ray player) you would.
when using the Oppo to play audio disks (Redbook, SACD, DVD audio etc.) the bitstream will be audio only coming out of the coax outputs
The Oppo will output digital audio only for Redbook CD, not for SACD or DVD-A.