Benchmark v. MF X-DAC, X-PSU, X-10 buffer

My first post, so please be gentle. Short term, the unit I choose will be toslinked out of a PowerMac G5 (Apple Lossless files), then to a Ray Samuels Audio SR-71 headphone amp, then to various more or less high-end headphones. Long term, it will serve as a part of a digital front end to my main speaker-based system.

Listening tastes are all over the map.

What I want is a system that has the capability of conveying the emotion of a recording and that is laced with detail and impact.

I've learned a ton about the Benchmark here and elsewhere, but, apart from three reviews on MF's website, comparatively little about the X-DAC. My head tells me go with the Benchmark, but something keeps drawing me toward the MF. Maybe it's the look, maybe the name, I don't know. Any and all advice/feedback/suggestions will be much appreciated.
I think you should get the benchmark or think about the apogee minidac usb or bel canto dac2. I would choose any of those over the X-DAC.