Benchmark USB DAC vs. EAD 7000 Mk3 DAC

I currently own the EAD 7000 Mk 3 DAC and am very happy with it. However. wander lust always strikes and I am wandering if anyone has any experience with the Benchmark USB DAC and the EAD DAC... is the newer DAC an upgrade or maybe a downgrade over the EAD?
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I have the EAD 7000 mkIII for a long time now, I tried the Benchmark in my system and compared, Benchmark needs a long heat-up time to start sounding nicer, it was a bit edgy and thinner...maybe if you have a dark sounding system it will change the sound, not really better it...I kept my EAD, it sounds more natural and detailed to me.

If you want to upgrade change the Transport...the Forsell makes a beautiful match with the EAD 7000 dac....I had the Reimyo 777 in my system for a couple of days, from a friend who was willing to exchange (plus some money of course)...I kept the Forsell EAD combo. The Reimyo was more detailed and it made a couple of wonderfull things, but when the full orchestra came in it started to scratch my ears from the inside, some other friend bought it and had to buy a special expensive power cord for the Reimyo (Harmonix) that took the edge off, it seems. It is sounding real good in his system now...maybe I should try it out again! with that PS cable.
You are correct, but the Benchmark wasnt mine, a friend brought it from his system and the first day I had it here it was just connected, we did disconnect it later to try another DAC, and then back on, so heat up time was a must before evaluating it. I kept the Benchmark for a couple of days longer, I do have an Isolation transformer with dedicated power lines and I dont like it running all the time, so I have a huge Master switch to disconnect my whole rig, I do loose this important heat-up arrangement (the EAD is supposed to be on always also) but there are always tradeins...