Benchmark headphone amp?

i have a benchmark media systems DAC1 that I am currently not using. It is also said to have a decent headphone amp. I though I might hook it up to my computer at work and invest in a set of headphones for my own little listening island in my sea of work. I have never had a headphone system before. Some headphones (e.g. hifiman) are said to need "hi quality" headphone amps. I was curious if anyone knew how the benchmark unit stacks up as a headphone amp and if it would be sufficient to drive a demanding set of headphones. Thanks in advance
Hi there,

From what i know, benchmark say that its capable of driving the Senn 600/650. If you plan to buy hifiman hp's you'll need more power.
OK, thank you
Which headphone model are you buying op? maybe we can help you find something easier to drive..
Nickjn, thank you for offering to help!

I had not settled on a model. I just raised the possibility of the hifiman in my post because I knew it needed a hi quality headphone amp; if it was up to driving a hifiman, it should be up to driving most anything else.

That being said, I was thinking about the audeze LCD2. From what I had read, it sounds like it stacks up to much more expensive phones, and with their new LCD3 coming out, one might find a few on the used market. As this is my first venture into headphones, perhaps something cheaper might be a wiser choice, though (I just wanted to get something of good quality to sit back and enjoy and not worry about upgrading)

I live in KY and the only dealer for any well known brand (grado, beyerdynamic, sennheiser, audeze)I can find locally is a Best Buy that apparently sells sennheiser. Therefore, extensive auditioning won't be a possibility.