Benchmark DAC3 or Bryston BDA2 or 3

Has anyone heard or compared the Bryston Dac to Benchmark DACs? I have a Benchmark DAC2 and considering the Bryston after reading great reviews on it. 
BDA (1,2, or 3) designation refers to Bryston streamers, which do not have DACs included (although I think they have released a combination DAC/Streamer, so I could be mistaken).  I have the DAC3, which is just a DAC, and the BDP3, which is just a streamer.
  I last listened to a Benchmark DAC about 3 years ago, at an audio show, and never heard one in my system.  To me it sounded a bit hard compared to the Bryston.  That’s my 0.5 cents worth.
From Bryston website:


Digital to Analog Converter

"the Bryston BDA-3 offers measured performance that is as good as digital can get."—John Atkinson | Stereophile 2016

BDA 1, 2, 3 are DACS, BDP are player/streamers. 

mahler123 reviews says the Benchmark is a tad forward compared to Bryston which would concur your thoughts. Hard to compare though if not in one's own system for apples to apples. 
I had Benchmark DAC2 and DAC3. I should not have upgraded to the DAC3. There was no audible difference in my modest setup.
I’m also interested in any feedback. I have a Benchmark DAC 3 HGC now but since adding a Bryston BP 26 and seeing the HDMI/SACD capabilities in the BDA-3 and 3.14 I’m intrigued.

I last listened to a Benchmark DAC about 3 years ago, at an audio show, and never heard one in my system.  To me it sounded a bit hard compared to the Bryston. 

Was it the DAC1 you listened to 3 years ago?  I recently picked up a DAC3 for a second system to and really like it.  It measures very well and the sound is quite transparent.  I'm wondering if the transparency doesn't go over well with some folks who may (unknowingly) like some distortions/colorations in their sound.  Running my DAC3 through a tube integrated is a great balance I think between transparency and warmth.  The DAC3 probably doesn't work in every system but it's a nice addition to mine.

I need to google the measurements/reviews on the Bryston DAC as I suspect it likely doesn't measure as well.  Kind of like the Schiit Yggy which many love but measures really badly. 
Nope, I was wrong - sorta.  The BDA2 and 3 both measure very well as does the Benchmark.  Price is the most significant difference I see and how it sounds in your system.
Mahler123 From reviews and Stereophile apparently the Bryston Dac measures superbly, as good as can get according the their testing. 
Apparenltly due to class a output and no op amps the Bryston sounds almost tube like smoothness and slightly less forward than Benchmark which also scores very high Class A+. 
The Bryston plays PCM up to 384khz and 4XDSD. I only have a few files like that but the Benchmark stops at 192 and 1xDSD. Not worth the price to switch to the Bryston but Audirvana can upsample everything to that.

Any thoughts on the benefit of the super-high sample rates above 192khz and DSD beyond 64?
I would agree that the Bryston has a tube like smoothness.  A few months ago there was a review in TAS about  Bryston CD player, which has the same AKM chip as the DAC3, and the reviewers comments about the CDP were a very good description of the sound of the DAC3.
  One reason I bought the Bryston was because it has HDMI inputs.  I have a large Classical SACD collection and I can output the DSD layer of the SACD from my Oppo 105 into the Bryston.  At the time I also had a Mytek Manhatten and the difference between the two was instructive.  The Mytek is like an XRay machine, or perhaps an MRI, in that it reveals an overwhelming amount of detail, but still manages to be musical.  The detail is there with the Bryston, but it is more of a mid Hall perspective instead of front row.  They are both fantastic but I grew to prefer the Bryston, and while I gave up MQA ability when I sold the Mytek , for me the HDMI feature was more important .
  The Benchmark struck as being detailed but hard digital.  Again, I heard in in a suboptimal environment.  If the OP can audition the two DACs in his own system, that’s the best way to decide