Benchmark DAC2 or Bel Canto DAC3.5VB or OPPO 105

I've been reading tons of info and just can't decide on the best computer dac + preamp...

I've started looking at DacMagic plus and quickly got carried way into the higher end ones:

Looked at Benchmark DAC2 and Bel Canto DAC3.5VB but recently came around OPPO 105 player as a dac as well...
(at one point I considered zodiac gold but the weak bass performance, as I've read, discouraged me).

What I have right now is a PC with Auzintech X-FI Prelude sound card going to an ONKYO 905 via toslink and then to Merlin TSM-MM speakers for stereo and others as surrounds. I use my setup as all around entertainment/ht/computer/music system and now I want to upgrade with an external DAC and and amp for the stereo fronts...

Do you plan to go from the new DAC directly to the new amp or have the Onkyo between the two?
I would think directly from pc to dac to amp to have the best sound quality for the 2 channel listening at least...
I'd get the Bel Canto and use the DAC's ht bypass feature and go direct to power amps.

If you don't use power amps with the Onkyo, I recommend doing so. The Onkyo is decent but it's not stellar esp for stereo.
Is the new Benchmark DAC2-HGC also a good alternative to bel canto sound quality wise?
I know that your initial list didn't mention it, but W4S DAC-2 is a very good DAC, has excellent volume control and HT bypass. In my experience, it left the Benchmark in the dust and scored way better than Oppo 105 at a shootout in my house.
I havent heard the new Benchmark 2. I had the old DAC 1 Pre and thought it sounded dry. I've had a few Sabre32 DACs (Oppo 95, Audiolan 8200CDQ and W4S DAC2) and thought they had a familial sound. Sweet, smooth but I found the Bel Canto DAC3.5VB (even in MkI) more engaging and dynamic
I too have the DAC3.5VB as Doggiehowser but I would recommend the Meitner MA-1 instead. I have not been using the Bel Canto ever since the Meitner is in the system. I realised then that by adding the costs of the DAC3.5VB, the VBS-1 and the RefLink, the total could come close to the Meitner MA-1 pricing.

There is no volume control on the MA-1 but then again, it's the sound that counts, isn't it? As a bonus, it does DSD via USB....the best thing I heard on computer audio (I used a Mac Mini)

The DAC3.5VBMkII is actually very good on its own but when compared to the MA-1, the MA-1 has slightly more details and emotion.

Take a look and listen to the new NAD M51 DAC before you buy, especially if you're interesting in driving your amp directly, which I highly recommend. Superb digital volume control. It uses PWM, unlike any other DAC on the market. Excellent jitter rejection,and asynchronous USB. Some reviewers have called it warm and "tubey," but I think it's just accurate without distortion or harshness. I really don't understand why, but it really improves older and not-so-well-recorded CDs. Many reviewers have commented on that.
hmm so I guess it will be bel canto with the 2 500 refs amps from them. I see that the NAD m51 is much bigger and doesn't have the volume control in front.

I wish somebody could also compare it with the new benchmark dac2 hdr...