Benchmark DAC1 using Toslink input

Hi -- does anyone have any experience using the Benchmark DAC1 thru its toslink input? I am considering auditioning it with my iMac G5, which has a toslink digi out as well as a USB port.I dont know whether to audition the new USB model -- $300 more expensive -- or the older model which has the toslink input. Toslink has a bad rap in audiophile circles, but I'm not sure it's always deserved. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks. -- David
I use the Toslink from a Pioneer DV79avi universal player to my Benchmark and can tell you it sounds very good. I'm using the generic glass fiber cable that is sold here on Audiogon for $25. I use it mainly for movies and the occasional music cd. I have a dedicated cd transport and am using the balanced into the Benchmark. That set-up, of course, sounds better. But, if Toslink is all you have I'd still consider the DAC1.
I'm using the same glass-fiber cable that Theduke mentioned from an Airport Express to the Benchmark. It sounds very good. As is often the case, the extra money for the USB model would probably get you an improvement but whether it's worth it to you is something only you can answer.

The DAC-1 seems to hold its value really well so buying one used, without the USB input, and giving it a try wouldn't cost you much even if you decided you wanted to go to USB later.
Toslink is not the way to go...
I have used both with the DAC1 and I can tell you that toslink, at least with the DAC1, sounds excellent. In a test, I used a basic toslink ($35) fed from a $250 Sony cd player to the DAC1, and compared it with a $250 highly regarded digital cable (Kimber Illuminations D60) fed from a $2,500 Proceed transport to the DAC1. I used the same cd (one of which I burned from the other) in each player and togled back and forth on the DAC1 between the two while playing them together. The sound was remarkably close and I would attribute the difference more to the transport than to the digital cable type. I continue to use both. While disparaged, especially since it limits bandwith at the extremes, I think Toslink is no slouch, at least connected to the DAC1 which may minimize differences. (Incidently the rest of the system in the test was highly revealing -- DAC1 direct to Pass Labs x150.5 amp (no preamp)
via Nordost Frey, to Magnepan 3.6's via Nordost Frey. Various power cables, conditioners, and tweaks used.
I am using a DAC1 with toslink with my Yamaha CDR-HD1500 hard disk/cd player. Sounds fine to me. The coax is used for my Polk XM player.
i've been getting rather fantastic results from an Apple G5 tower toslinked out (same generic glass cable as mentioned earlier) to an AA cap mk 11. In an AB session with the built -in transport in the AA, the tweaked out G5 does better than hold its own, and it fact develops a deeper and wider soundstage. The system is also highly resolving; JC 1 monoblocks driving Soundlab A1's, all audiophile approved cables. tweaks and room treatments employed. One thing I've noticed that struck me as kind of odd is that the computer gear doesn't seem to respond to tweaking like my stereo gear. Roller blocks under the external Firewire 800 drive my music streams from had little if any effect. Similarly, a BDR Shelf for Source. Strange.
I'm interested in this DAC as well for the same purpose. For those who have the USB version, what's the comparision between the USB out and the toslink output? I presume from a notebook, the usb should be better?
well I don't think there are too many laptops with a Toslink output...