Benchmark DAC1 PRE USB - RCA or XLR to my amp ?

Hi all,

Here is how I run my audio. PC out via USB-->Benchmark DAC1 Pre. Then the RCA outs (unbalanced) of the DAC connect to my powered sub. The DAC's XLR outs connect to my LFD LE Zero Integrated amp ( I use a special XLR to RCA cable to connect my DAC to Amp). The integrated amp then drives my Monitor Audio RS 6 speakers.

The LFD amp has a passive preamp. Would it be better to use the RCA outs of the DAC or the XLR outs to connect to my Integrated amp. I currently use the XLR outputs because I can turn up the volume of the amp more (50%) at my preferred listening levels, and I assume this would result in better overall sound. Alternatively, I would have to keep the volume at 25% if I were to use my RCA outputs of the DAC.

There's likely a lot of info I am missing regarding specs and unfortunately I just don't understand all the technical side, as much as I probably should - But if someone can offer any advise I would greatly appreciate it.



P.S I keep my PC volume 100% and my Benchmark volume at about 50%
Try it both ways and listen. See which sounds the best. That is the best way to know.
How do you ever get the volume of the sub matched to the volume of the main speakers? Everytime you change the volume on the LFD, it seems you have to change the volume on the sub to stay in sync with the main speakers.

The sub should be connected on the output side, either line level or speaker level, of the LFD. Set the DAC1 to be fixed gain -- volume control will be done by the LFD. Use any connection you like between the DAC1 and the LFD. Set the sub's level to match that of the main speakers once and you won't have to touch it again.