Benchmark DAC1 PRE USB - RCA or XLR to my amp ?

Hi all,

Here is how I run my audio. PC out via USB-->Benchmark DAC1 Pre. Then the RCA outs (unbalanced) of the DAC connect to my powered sub. The DAC's XLR outs connect to my LFD LE Zero Integrated amp ( I use a special XLR to RCA cable to connect my DAC to Amp). The integrated amp then drives my Monitor Audio RS 6 speakers.

The LFD amp has a passive preamp. Would it be better to use the RCA outs of the DAC or the XLR outs to connect to my Integrated amp. I currently use the XLR outputs because I can turn up the volume of the amp more (50%) at my preferred listening levels, and I assume this would result in better overall sound. Alternatively, I would have to keep the volume at 25% if I were to use my RCA outputs of the DAC.

There's likely a lot of info I am missing regarding specs and unfortunately I just don't understand all the technical side, as much as I probably should - But if someone can offer any advise I would greatly appreciate it.



P.S I keep my PC volume 100% and my Benchmark volume at about 50%
Try it both ways and listen. See which sounds the best. That is the best way to know.
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