Benchmark DAC1. Power cord?

I just got myself the DAC1 after hearing so much abt it. I m pairing it with a CEC TL51x transport. How do u find the stock powercord? will an upgrade of powercord make a difference to the sound? if yes any suggestion of power cord? Happy listening
I have always found it worthwhile to upgrade my power cords. I like that I get a better connection, better shielding etc over the stock cord. I'm not one who necessarily buys into what some companies push about better sound, dynamics etc but I do feel that an after market cord that is reasonably priced is a good investment.

As for what cords, I have had very good luck with Black Sand Cable. Great guys and are very easy to deal with.

I also have a cord from Audio Metallurgy and have no complaints with it either.

Both sell on Audiogon!

I have used a Kworks empowered cord and Van Den Hul hybrid cord on my DAC (McCormack deluxe) and both were excellent.
In case that you have not read this classic thread on DAC1, here it is:

Note that Benchmark's Director of Engineer explained, "... This is also why the DAC1 will not benifit from high tech AC line cords and/or AC line filters." This is from Message #137. Read the whole thing, it's fun. The XLR to RCA trick is no longer required for new DAC1 which has low impedance RCA output.
kenn39, TQ v much for the thread on Benchmark DAC1. I believe it must be the most comprehensive info on Benchmark. Will do some experiment. Happy listening
I tried a Signal Cable digital PC vs. the stock cord supplied with the Benchmark and could hear no improvment or deterioration.

What I did hear were enormous differences with each and every interconnect I tried. I think this is due to this unit's exceedingly neutral performance.
Well, I just replaced my PC from Virtual Dynamics Audition to a Shunyata Python VX into my DAC1 10 minutes ago (Both Python VX and DAC1 has > 100hrs break in time). I had to pick up my draw back from the floor. The image is so vivid and every piece of instruement has it own space with far distance apart from each others. The singer poped forward and I can hear there is space between the the singer and the background. I am wondering how would it sound if I use the Shunyata Python Alpha on my Modwright SWL9SE preamp..
The Dac 1 needs to be warmed up to be able to enjoy it's full potenital. Try the Cardas Golden Reference.

I just ordered a Virtual Dynamics Master PC. I will keep the high performer for the DAC1 and other one for my SWL9SE preamp.