Benchmark DAC1 HDR - Used for 3 years

A friend wants to move off from a 3 year old Benchmark DAC1 HDR with Alps Potentiometer.

I am interested. The piece is well cared for and has no known defects. What would be a price fair to both of us?

They sell new for $1595 now – there was a several hundred price dollar price drop. I I bet they are coming out with a new model. I think I know why... See the * below

As for a fair price....see what similar age HDR are going for on Audiogon ( (asking price... Figure $100 less)

I prefer the sound of the Dac1 model....*over the less detailed, less black background of the HDR that has the preamp circuitry lessening the magic - despite the reviews. I have owned both. Several other audio buddies discovered the same thing the hard way and went back to the dac1.
Me? I sold my HDR And I am waiting to see if the price drop will occur on the Dac1- when it does I will jump.

Try it in your system first !!
Thanks Waterzlife. That would help. I saw one listed for USD 1000 early October, age not mentioned.