Benchmark DAC1 AES-EBU from COAXIAL-SPDIF signal

Hi, I seek your advice on how to benefit from the AES-EBU in the Benchmark DAC1.
I don't have a 110 Ohm AES-EBU source signal to this input, however I'd like to rather deliver a 75 Ohm COAXIAL-SPDIF signal to it.
The classical issue as you understand there's only one Coaxial - SPDIF input.
If I understand you correctly you need a device that converts SDIF digital to AES/EBU? Hosa makes such a converter. It costs about $120. Check out pro audio shops to see if they have other similar devices.
Canare and Neutrik make 75 to 110 ohm adapters as well.

I ordered one off of ebay at one point to use with my Lavry DAC and they sent me the wrong one, haven't gotten around to getting another yet.

Any of the online pro audio shops carry these.

Most have a BNC style input on them so something like the Stereovox digital cables would likely be ideal.
Yes indeed, spot on as you put it.
I shall chck out your suggestion of the Hosa SDIF digital to AES/EBUconverter. Cheers
The Neutrick option would be the choice for it is 50% cheaper than the Hosa. I shall first verify with Pro Audio Stash.
Much Appreciated Onhwy61 and Audiojedi.
Benchmark sells one, I use it on my benchmark. Canare.
Sorry, http link minus (k?) at the end.